Did you know that about 66% of millennials believe that the career choice that they have made is wrong? Are you aware that more than a quarter of employees dread Mondays? This might be shocking to many but someone who has worked in an office environment in the UK can relate to the aforementioned.

While it is normal to have a few members of the team to be less productive than others on the grounds of talent, but an employee who is either “not engaged,” or is “actively disengaged” can be easily spotted. Such employees can be very disruptive to the team because they often show late to work, waste a lot of time, to show a bad attitude toward work and show no regard for the cumulative performance of the team or the company. They exhibit lack of commitment and show little passion towards their job. Tolerating such employees can have huge repercussions and replacing them with new recruits is not an efficient solution.

Checkout this infographic that can help you learn how to improve engagement levels of your employees and how to spot employees with alarming levels of engagement. Put together by MadMaxAdventures this infographic can help employers reap long-term benefits by understanding and working towards engaging their staff better.


Harness the Power of Employee Engagement (Infographic)



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