Many candidates find writing a personal statement hard. Employers often ask for a personal statement because they want more insight into who you are and why they should hire you. A personal statement gives you a chance to highlight anything in your background that is helpful for the employer to know but not immediately obvious from looking at your CV.

Here are a few tips on how to write a good personal statement:

Step 1

Think about your audience- who they are and what they might be looking for. Review the company’s vision, read about their culture and tailor your answers accordingly.

Step 2

Write down a list of achievements and explain why they’d benefit this particular employer. Get clear on the skills you have – both job related skills like experience in a particular area or advanced knowledge of a particular computer programme, but also soft skills like communication skills.

Step 3

Think of why you want the job. What in your life has been unique and has prepared you for this job? If you’ve had any professional or volunteer experience, which is particularly relevant to this job, mention it.

Step 4

Answer any questions the employer asks you to address in your personal statement. Make sure your answers are specific – mention numbers and specific results.

Step 5

Start writing the first draft of your personal statement and incorporate the achievements you have identified, your career goals and your answers to the employer’s questions. Make sure each paragraph focuses on one point and is backed by supporting evidence.

Step 6

Revise your personal statement. Ask someone to edit it and provide feedback. Analyze the essay to make sure it is easy to read and understand. It is also important you keep it relevant. Anything you say on your personal statement should be suited to the job you’re applying for. Avoid clichés as well – don’t say you’re a team player unless you can give specific examples.

Hope you’ve found these tips useful. If  you need personal statement assistance, click here.



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