Your CV is your first opportunity to impress a recruiter, so focus on showcasing your relevant skills and presenting your experience in a manner that is visually pleasing and engaging.

This video guide from StandOut CV will show you how to produce a CV that will grab a recruiter’s attention and help you progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Do your research

Researching the industry you’re planning to pursue should be the first stage in your job search, prior to constructing your CV. Research will help you identify the collective skills required within that sector, allowing you to feed those keywords into your CV.

Review company websites or job boards to ensure your CV is a custom fit and correctly tailored.

Structure and format your CV properly

At first glance a recruiter should be able to see your relevance for a sector, format your CV to emphasise your skills and experiences, making it easier to navigate.

Avoid large blocks of text that can become boring to read and instead breaking the content with bullet points, headers and clearly defined sections.

Head with a punchy profile

A personal profile is a 5-10 line paragraph that introduces your experiences, qualifications and fundamental skills to a recruiter. Displaying your relevance to the sector you’re applying to and enticing the recruiter to delve deeper into your CV.

Tailor this section to the industry you’re working within, documenting your most recent and relevant experiences.

Showcase your skills through role descriptions

Role descriptions offer a recruiter an insight into your previous experiences and abilities. Use a positive tone, showcasing the skills you have acquired within your previous positions.

Document any strengths, accomplishments and the impact you’ve had within prior posts through providing examples within your role descriptions. Add credibility to these examples by using relevant facts and figures.



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