As a hiring manager, a job advert is your first opportunity to impress any potential employees and spark their interest in the company. Whether the position will be advertised via print or online avenues or for long or short-term employment, it must appeal to the reader and capture their attention whilst remaining brief and succinct. Here are a number of tips and tricks to ensure you are making the best possible first impression.

Create the perfect title

A job title must not only attract the relevant applicants but also clearly explain what the job role involves in as few words as possible. While it may be tempting to try and formulate a creative, unique job title that stands out from the crowd, it will simply get lost in the sea of job adverts occupying online job boards. A job title must also be searchable. Candidates usually search for their desired job role via keywords and so your vacancy is more likely to appear on their dashboard if it includes conventional, searchable keywords that relate to the nature of the position you are advertising.

Include salary

Recent studies have revealed that candidates are less likely to apply for a position or continue with an application – despite high levels of interest – if the salary has been omitted from the posting. By stating the expected salary or salary range upfront, you reduce the risk of miscommunication down the line and increase employer to employee transparency which formulates a sense of trust before a contract has even been signed. It can also provide you with a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded market. Hiring People can help with advertising a job by providing custom job advertising template packages and industry-led advice to ensure your job advert appeals to the right candidates.

Include location

It may seem like an obvious point, but the location is one of the primary factors an employee will consider when considering a career change. By failing to disclose the location of the position, you run the risk of high calibre, qualified applicants abandoning the application as they rely on public transport or vehicle for hire services in order to travel to work on time. It is also worth stating whether you are willing to offer a variety of remote working practices as this may be a deciding factor in whether or not a candidate continues with the application process in spite of any travel restrictions they may face. Nearest transport links and local amenities may also encourage a potential candidate to apply, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area.

List essential skills and qualifications

By listing essential skills and qualifications required for the role, you are less likely to receive applications from unqualified or ill-equipped candidates. This section can also be used to highlight any additional skills and qualifications that may increase a candidate’s chances of progressing to the next stage of the recruitment process. It is, however, worth noting that whilst this section is important, it should also be kept brief. You want to attract a reasonable amount of high-quality resumes and a list of essential skills and qualifications that is too long or too stringent can be off-putting to a potential applicant. Advertise a Job with the help of an online recruitment company that specialises in formulating the perfect job advert to enable you to source the perfect new hire for your business.

Outline responsibilities

A list of responsibilities must outline what exactly the job will entail as well as any key tasks or errands the successful applicant is likely to carry out on a daily basis. These are often further categorized into smaller paragraphs or bullet points and must be written in such a way as to attract any prospective candidates whilst remaining honest and upfront about what is to be expected of the applicant who eventually fills the position. Having a section on the job description where the potential candidate can find all relevant job descriptions here will really boost interest in the job. It gives the applicant a clear image of the job they would be doing, as well as any potential side jobs they would have to pick up along the way.

Mention any benefits

To increase their chances of securing a position, a candidate may apply to a high volume of job listings that match their criteria. Your job advert must attract their attention and compel them to want to work for you and your company. One of the most efficient ways of doing so is to list a series of potential benefits or incentives that they are unlikely to find elsewhere. As well as the candidate selling themselves to you during the preliminary application process, you should also be willing to explain why a candidate should want to work for your company ahead of a competitor. Prospective benefits include flexible working hours and practices, suitable health and dental insurance and an improved work-life balance. Compelling job benefits are also often preferred by applicants in favour of a higher salary with exciting incentives indicative of levels of job satisfaction and retention within a particular organisation.






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