In the modern day, there is seemingly an application out there for everyone, no matter what they are doing. Whether you’re a business looking to rebrand using or a stay at home parent attempting new recipes, there is an app out there for everyone. And the same applies to those of you seeking a job or career move. So with that in mind, we are going to take a look at some the employment apps and tech out there and how they might benefit you.


The most logical place to start when discussing applications for job seekers is LinkedIn. While this is another form of social media, it is much more than that. LinkedIn should be seen as a gateway into the hearts and minds of employers; never before has there been such unadulterated access to potential employers as there is now with LinkedIn.

Making the most of your opportunities on LinkedIn can come in a variety of methods. For starters, you should make sure your profile is optimised for success. This means letting recruiters know you’re open to discussion by adjusting the settings on your profile, writing an eye catching headline and summary of yourself and using an appropriate photograph.

Recruiters are constantly searching LinkedIn for potential candidates so you should make sure you are someone they recognise. You should also keep the app for this social media on your phone and check in daily.

Job Search Apps

One of the joys of technology is that you are able to take your life and plans with you wherever you go, and that applies when you are job searching. If you are actively looking for a career move, then you should be keeping in touch with all the latest happenings in your industry. The fortunate thing for the modern corporate employee is that while they might be busy with work or other distractions, there are hundreds of free job applications that allow you to search and apply on the move. But which ones are the best to use?

Judging which job search application is the best really depends on what you are looking to do. Some people like to make the most of recruitment apps like Reed and Total Jobs. However, these options aren’t for everybody, especially if you prefer a hands on approach. One application that you might want to consider is JobAware, and one of the reasons for that is its integration with LinkedIn. We have already discussed how important that particular form of social media is to someone seeking career change, so it only makes sense to use an app that combines with it to build a comprehensive plan for your next role.

Another way that technology has innovated the way employers and candidates interact is through Switch. Using methods similar to dating apps, Switch gives you the chance to declare an interest in a position, thus making your profile available to the hiring manager who can then choose to contact you directly to discuss the role.



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