In today’s tough job market, your networking skills are essential to finding the position that’s right for you. Amid the new wave of post-pandemic networking, you need to be both tenacious and conscientious while networking online. Digitally conveying your personality and soft-skills is not an easy task. Also, maintaining your professional connections while working remotely is no small feat. However, no one wants to be caught asking for a reference without having talked to a previous employer for over a year. Your professional contacts can serve as helpful resources for you, but only if you keep up your relationships.

First off, be sure your LinkedIn and your professional references are updated. After all, your LinkedIn connections are key, strategic partners in your job hunt. If LinkedIn is your only go-to social platform right now, but why not diversify your online networks? There are tons of alternatives for professional networking merely a Google search away. Regardless of your occupation, you’re bound to find niche social networking platforms that you haven’t previously explored. It’s worth your while to dedicate extra effort to find networking opportunities beyond the basics.

Now is the time to reconnect with your professional contacts and polish your personal brand so you can forge new connections. Digital networking’s lack of geographic barriers opens up a plethora of exciting opportunities. Take advantage of it! There has never been a more important time to participate in online conferences, webinars, digital workshops, and more. Check out this graphic with actionable tips on how to succeed at networking online in the wake of COVID-19.




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