The B2B industry is rapidly expanding, with a market value size of 7.72 trillion in 2021, and an estimated growth rate of 18.7% from now until 2028. It’s an extremely profitable area to start marketing in, with a wide variety of opportunities to tap into that growth. Embarking on a B2B marketing career is exciting, and it may lead you to start your own consulting firm down the line. If you decide to venture on your own, knowing how to start an llc is crucial. Setting up an LLC can provide personal asset protection and certain tax benefits, so understanding this process is a valuable piece of knowledge for any future business owner in the B2B marketing sphere.

In this article, we take a look at some of the things to consider when you’re getting started with your B2B marketing career, from picking a niche to the importance of being digitally savvy. Thank you to the team at Headley Media for their guidance and insights within this guide. 

Find your niche

B2B marketing is a broad term, and covers a wide variety of industries. You can provide the most value, and be in a higher pay bracket, if you offer your services in a niche that you’re an expert in. This might be an area that you’ve worked in before, or simply a field that you’ve done extensive research into. 

It’s also a bonus if it’s a niche that you’re genuinely interested in: it will make your job more enjoyable, and will likely mean that you’re better at it. It might be that you have a hidden passion for logistics – the only way to find your niche is to try working with multiple different companies, which a career in marketing will generally allow!

Decided between employment and freelancing

Next, you need to decide if you want to be employed or work freelance. For a lot of people, freelancing is very appealing. The dream is to be their own boss, with no one telling them what to do, going from company to company, never getting bored. 

Freelancing can be amazing, but it might be wise to work as an employee at a company for a couple of years first, to get a feel for things. In doing so, you’ll gain some invaluable industry insight and develop a professional network along the way.

Learn about digital marketing

The future of all marketing lies in digital marketing. If you’re not already familiar with digital marketing skills, such as SEO and social media management, then you’ll have some learning to do. You don’t have to be an expert in all elements of digital marketing, but you should be an expert in at least one.

There are plenty of marketing courses that you can go on, from courses at prestigious business schools to extended youtube tutorials. You can also learn a lot through working your way up the ranks through a marketing department, from intern to (in a dream world) partner. There’s no single way of learning about marketing, but learning is a must.





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