Starting a new job is the start of an exciting new chapter, but it can also be an incredibly stressful and challenging time and it can take a while to feel properly settled. You will want to hit the ground running and impress as quickly as possible in your new role and you might find that the best way to settle is with the Oakleaf Mentor Scheme.

The Need to Improve Success Rates

Established in 2012, the Oakleaf Mentor Scheme was set up after recognising the need for an improvement in new employee’s success rates, particularly when looking at the first 100 days post appointment. The network spans all professions and roles with many experts and experienced professionals helping new employees to get their feet under the desk and feel both settled and confident in their new role.

A Network of Specialists

The Mentor Scheme is available to candidates that have been placed into permanent or fixed-term contract roles with Oakleaf – a recruitment agency that specialise in helping those looking for jobs in HR. The network spans all professional roles and levels, including global HR Directors, Research, Talent and Resourcing specialists and HR officers. These consultants will work closely with their mentees and people are always matched to the most suitable mentor.

Success Stories

The success of the scheme is highlighted by glowing reviews from both mentors and mentees.


 “Having navigated some interesting and challenging circumstances in my own career, being able to support a talented HR professional through counsel, challenge, coaching acting as confidante and most of all building a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship has been very rewarding.


 – Chris Leonard, EMEA Head of HR



 “Oakleaf has introduced me to a senior HRD, who Im lucky enough to have built a strong professional relationship with. This has really benefited me in terms of acting as a sounding board outside my current organisation, pushing me in my professional development and allowing me to really think outside the box. This is a great idea that really adds value.


 – Sarah Day, Global Head of People


The Importance of Guidance

Starting in a new role is both daunting and overwhelming with so much information to take on board both relating specifically to your role along with other information, plus you will always want to start forming strong connectionswith coworkers from the start. Understandably, this can all make it quite challenging to hit the ground running in a new role which is why it is so helpful for newly employed people to have a mentor in their corner who can provide their expert advice, support and guidance in these early days.


When you are able to quickly settle into a new job and hit the ground running, it will help to develop your confidence as well as impress your superiors. It is easier said than done, though, which is why the Oakleaf Mentor Scheme is so worthwhile.



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