How to safely attend a job interview

While much of the world has ground to a halt over the past 10 or so months, the workplace has largely kept on going, in some form or another. The same goes for job interviews, with many businesses still hiring but recruiting in a different way to normal – usually through video interviews or similar long-distance techniques.

There are, however, some instances where a Zoom call simply won’t do. For some employers, and some positions, face to face interviews are still the go-to method, meaning if you’re applying for one of these positions, you need to make it to the interview safely amid COVID conditions.

That obviously poses an immediate concern to many candidates – how do you safely attend a job interview in the current circumstances? The answer is pretty simple and comes in the form of a few different steps to follow.

Book smart

If you’re not driving, your next best bet is the train. In recent months, train companies like Great Northern Rail have worked hard to make their travel process safer for the average traveller, and one of the most prominent developments has been the wider introduction of smart tickets.

Smart tickets allow you to buy, download and present your ticket on your phone via a QR code. That means no trip to the ticket office or a ticket collection machine required, thus taking away some unnecessary contact points of your journey.

Speaking of this development, Thameslink and Great Northern Managing Director Tom Moran said: “People who need to travel with Thameslink and Great Northern can already do so with confidence thanks to our intensive cleaning regime and long-lasting viruscide.

“Now, by rolling out smartphone e-tickets, and making our free Key smartcard available over the counter, we’re making it even quicker and easier to book tickets online, speeding your trip through the station, minimising contact and helping everyone to socially distance.”

Stay sanitised

Most, if not all, offices will have a hand sanitiser dispenser at every entrance and exit. However, you’re not going to be able to avoid touching absolutely everything on the way to your job interview

Mind the gap

Depending on where you are, where you’re headed and how many people are around, you might find that maintaining the recommended two metres at all times isn’t as simple as it sounds. However, you can still do your best to maintain a safe distance, particularly when travelling.

If you’re on the train or the bus, try and make sure you’ve left as many seats as possible between you and other passengers – with one space as a minimum at busier times.

Wear your mask

Not too much needs to be said on this one – wear your mask and wear it properly (not below the nose as is seen so often). This makes sense not only for your safety but for the impression you give to your employer when first meeting.

Follow advice

Just as Boris Johnson has promised to “follow the science” through the course of the pandemic, you’ll see plenty of advice around train stations and other public areas pertaining to things like safety measures in place at the location and directions for one-way systems and such.

These measures will have been put in place according to government regulations, so your best bet is to follow them to ensure you’re acting in a safe and responsible manner.

Avoid the rush

It’s not always possible, given your interview could be first thing in the morning or at home time, but travelling on quieter, off-peak routes where possible will help you maintain your distance from others. As an added bonus, your ticket will probably be cheaper, too.

Nothing above is rocket science, just simple, common sense advice that’ll will see you through your trip. Make sure to follow these steps for your own safety and for the safety of those around you, and you can focus on nailing your interview.



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