Everyone has pre-interview rituals. Whether it’s wearing a lucky pair of underwear, picturing yourself confidently answering questions or even waking up early to workout and combat pre-interview jitters we all have routines we fall back on to get our mind right and increase our chance of success. 

While this strategy can help with superstitions and the inevitable nervous energy on the day of an interview, there are other rituals we can incorporate day-to-day to keep our mindset interview, ready any day of the week. We recommend optimizing your morning routine for success. Having a good hearty breakfast along with ActivatedYou Morning Complete can help to restore the body to its natural state of vibrant health, putting you in the perfect mindset ready for the big moment

To help you get started, we outlined some suggestions of habits to adopt and affirmations to try as you create your ideal morning.

  • Practice Mindfulness to Increase Focus 

There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness for career development and optimal interview performance. The act of being mindfully aware in the first ten minutes of your morning allows you to start the day focused and centered. More importantly, it helps your body more easily (and quickly) transition from a state of sleep to being fully awake. While we’re not saying mindfulness should replace your morning cup of coffee, it can help open your mind and prepare you for the day. 

  • Use Gratitude to Limit Distractions 

Taking the time every morning to jot down a few things you are grateful for helps you be more positive, amiable and not bogged down by annoying distractions or nuances. People who practice gratitude are more likely to focus on big picture issues and come off as more balanced and authentic during interviews. Employers want someone who can focus on what matters and won’t get lost in the motions. 

  • Set Daily Intentions to Meet Your Goals

When it comes to productivity, setting daily intentions is key for concentrating on what you really want in life. When you race through your morning, chances are you aren’t focused on your intentions or goals. Saying or writing your daily intentions down helps you not only manifest them but stay focused on curating a schedule that promotes achieving them.

Ready to reset your morning routine for success? Explore Tommy John’s visual below for even more ideas on how to change your life with a supercharged morning routine. 

<ahref=’https://tommyjohn.com/blogs/news/morning-routine-printables’>Reset Your Morning Routine



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