Starting a new job role can be an exciting and positive experience, settling in for a new challenge and working with a new team of people, some of which will hopefully become friends. With starting afresh in a new place however, there can be challenges and it is important to know how to best present yourself and protect yourself in your new role.

These are a few things to keep in mind until you get settled in your new workplace.

Discretion is advised

You should be approachable and sociable with your new colleagues; people feel more comfortable with those that make an effort and it will make your daily work routine far more enjoyable if you’re able to share a joke or two with those around you. Be that as it may, self-preservation is important.

Make sure you’re not getting too comfortable with people too quickly, sharing personal details of your life or opinions of other employees is inappropriate and can cause others to feel uncomfortable.

Know your rights

Going over your contract with a fine-tooth comb before signing anything is very important, but additionally it is useful to have a basic understanding of your rights as an employee.

Knowing what your employer’s obligations to you are will be invaluable not just at the start of your career, but throughout. If there are any issues regarding unfair treatment, for example, you will have several options. You might even have to seek advice from an employment law specialist, but it is worthwhile to refresh yourself on your employee rights from time to time.

Practice self-care

Everybody gets stressed and certain pressures at work can be a big contributing factor for most people. Make sure that you’re not taking work home with you unnecessarily, whether that be your actual work or a comment from a co-worker that hurt your feelings.

Separating your working life from your personal life is important to ensure that you are getting the time to recharge yourself. Practicing self-care is something you can do at home which will naturally improve your attitude in the workplace, making you a happier and healthier employee.

Avoid office politics

Unfortunately, in any workplace, there will be certain people who don’t get along well with others. It’s a typical part of human nature, but that doesn’t mean it is pleasant to be around. On starting a new role, you might not be immediately aware of any personal vendettas going on between your colleagues, and it is smart to keep it that way.

People might try to drag you into it, but if you want your transition into your new job to be a smooth one, you’ll remain neutral. Simply focus on your work and treat all of your new colleagues with the same level of courtesy and respect, despite what they might tell you about each other.

These are just a few simple pieces of advice to keep in mind when starting a new job, there are other things you can do to make sure you’re protecting your best interests at work, but these are a good place to start.




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