One of the positive aspects of the global lockdown restrictions is that they provided a rare opportunity for people to take a much-needed pause from the constant hustle, enabling them to take a step back and assess their lifestyles and values. 

Many professional people have been using this time to review their careers, to consider whether they are climbing the right ladders and what kind of work they really want to be doing in the future. After the recent challenges faced by many in the healthcare sector, medical professionals in particular, may be feeling ready for a change and wondering how they can pivot from a traditional medical career. 

The good news is that there’s currently a unique opportunity available to those with medical training and qualifications that will enable you to pivot your career and find a new role in the exciting and highly profitable world of medical aesthetics

What are medical aesthetics? 

Medical aesthetics, also known as non-surgical aesthetics treatments, are the latest success story in the beauty industry. As the popularity of expensive cosmetic surgery procedures has waned over the last decade, a new type of non-surgical beauty treatment has become increasingly popular. 

Procedures such as laser peels, facials fillers and Botox injections have become the treatments of choice for those wanting to look their best. But, but these beauty ‘tweakments’ are not only for the celebs and the wealthy – thanks to advances in technology, these procedures have become increasingly affordable and accessible to mainstream consumers. And as with any commercial sector, where there is big demand, there is also the opportunity for big profits. 

The Opportunity for Healthcare Professionals

Although the demand for these non-surgical beauty treatments has been growing steadily – and predictions suggest massive growth still to come – there have been some changes in legislation that restrict the number of providers. 

In 2013, a government report called for higher standards and tighter controls within the aesthetics industry. The report highlighted that even though these procedures were not traditional surgical operations, they were still medical treatments, and as such should only be administered by those with the appropriate medical qualifications. 

These new regulations limit the number of practitioners who are qualified to offer medical aesthetics, and this provides a lucrative opportunity to those who already have the right qualifications, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. By topping up your existing medical qualifications with short courses in aesthetics training, it’s possible to shift from traditional healthcare roles into the lucrative beauty sector. 

What is Medical Aesthetics Training? 

To meet the demand for qualified practitioners who can offer these popular beauty treatments, a range of academies have emerged who provide specialised medical aesthetics training.

These short courses will equip you with the skills you need to administer procedures such as injectables and laser treatments. Training courses for Botox Fillers, Dermal Fillers, and Laser Peels will allow you to build on your existing medical background and learn the new skills you need to offer aesthetics procedures. These courses are available at both Foundation and Advanced levels, so you can progress over time as you build up your practice portfolio and expertise. 

The Level 7 Certificate in Injectables is considered by many to be the gold standard of medical aesthetics training courses, and is only offered by a select group of the best training providers in the industry. 

Next Steps

If you think that the world of medical aesthetics might offer your next career move, the first thing to do is find a reputable training provider. 

To fully take advantage of your healthcare background, look for an academy that specialises in training doctors, dentist and nurses etc. These people are experts in helping you pivot your medical career and get started in your new role providing aesthetics treatments. Additionally, the best providers will not only train you to become adept and confident in delivering the procedures, they will also support you with business advice so that you can fast-track your success in this competitive arena. 

Despite the undoubted trails of these unprecedented times, we are already seeing some positive opportunities arising from the global shifts. It may be that now is the perfect time for you to bring your experience and expertise to a new sector, and explore an exciting and rewarding career in medical aesthetics. 




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