Many interviews are now conducted virtually. It reduces the number of people visiting the office premises and can save time for all the people involved. Coming across well to the interviewer and avoiding any technical issues is important. That’s not always easy, so here are some quick tips to nail your next virtual interview.

Dress to Impress

While it may seem strange if you’re now used to relaxing at home in casual attire, think about how someone would normally attend an interview. That’s right. They’re dressed in professional attire that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Similarly, while dressing up to be virtually interviewed feels strange, it will look entirely appropriate to the interviewer seeing you. It’s important to visualise things from their perspective, not your own.

Get the Visuals and Audio Right

It’s beneficial to make a Zoom or Skype call to a friend to see how they’re receiving you.

Be aware of the speed of their internet connection, and their equipment, because this may affect the quality of video or audio they experience regardless of your own.

See what may need to be upgraded or fixed before the interview.

Use a Better Webcam

Webcams come with a lens that offers a specific maximum resolution. If you’re relying on the one that came built into your laptop, you may discover it has a woefully inadequate resolution, particularly for business laptops.

It may be useful to look at professional webcams that provide up to 4K resolution, a higher frame rate, and good audio capture capabilities. There are webcams available at different resolutions with various business-oriented features depending on your needs.

Improve the Lighting

A webcam is only so good.

When the lighting inside the room is poor, the webcam’s lens can only let in so much illumination. Then you’re stuck with software adjustments to boost the light levels. However, this can ‘wash out’ your image.

Consider getting a selfie light or a standing lightbox to better illuminate your face. This will help to pick up the details better for a professional appearance.

How’s the Audio Reproduction?

Webcams do come with microphones, but they do differ in quality. So, check on how the audio sounds.

You may prefer to use earbuds with a microphone for greater clarity instead of relying on a distant microphone capture. After all, you want the interviewer to clearly hear your replies.

Curate Your Room

Consider how much of the room the interviewer can see and remove anything embarrassing or likely to cause alarm. Set up your camera so there is something interesting behind you if you want to make a good impression, such as intelligent books or photos that might spark a conversation on your hobbies. Anything to make you stand out from the other candidates.

Lastly, if you have pets, kids, or housemates, make sure they are banned from the room for the duration of your interview. Send them to a friend or relative, or bribe them with treats, DVDs, or in the case of pets, a large bone.



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