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How many times have you applied for what you thought would be your dream job, only to get turned down? Even one time can be crushing to your confidence and leave you questioning yourself and whether you’re truly cut out for the position. When you start getting multiple rejections, it’s hard not to let it take its toll, and before you know it, your dreams get put on the back burner and you just take whatever you can find.

Here’s the thing, it could be that you’re just approaching the job search and interview process in the wrong way. So, stop getting turned down for jobs by using these tips to make yourself more hireable.

Are You Qualified for the Jobs You Are Applying To?

The first thing to do is be really honest with yourself – are you in fact qualified for the jobs you are applying for? Just because you think it’s a job you’d love and it’s your ‘dream job’, doesn’t mean you have the skills, educations, experience, and knowledge to step into the role. Figure out what you may be missing in terms of qualifications and work on filling that hole.

Consider an Apprenticeship Path

If you have decided that you’re interested in a technical career path, then there is a good chance you will quickly realise there is a gap between what you’ve learned in school, and what is required of you in the job. What’s the solution? This is where an apprenticeship can make complete sense. It is meant to fill that gap and act as on-the-job training and experience, building your level of knowledge and confidence while working closely with others.

Depending on the path you take, you could receive your certification in as little as a year, which means you can then work on your own. As Employing an Apprentice points out, this is a great way to earn income while you learn, get the skills you will need, and actually beef up your CV. Because there are so many types and levels of apprenticeships, there really is a lot of variety out there.

Work on Your Confidence

Sometimes it’s not a matter of missing skills and experience – rather, it comes down to how you are marketing and portraying yourself. Employers want to hire someone who seems confident. That doesn’t mean you go in with a big ego; it just means you are confident in what you can bring to the job and the business.

Widen Your Reach

This is also a great time to widen your reach in terms of the job search. So, use new and different sources of information, check out the online job boards, network, and even use social media in a professional manner.

Finally Land Your Dream Job

By following these tips, there is no doubt you’ll be able to find your dream job in no time.



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