Remote employment is proving popular, and most importantly, it’s proving that it works, and it works very well. The only issue businesses are finding with it, however, is the fact that it proves harder to inspire a remote employee than it does one in an office. With the lack of a boss looming over their shoulder and the many distractions they can find outside of an office, remote employees tend to lose focus and inspiration throughout their working day.

You can keep them inspired, though, and just how you can do so is explained below:  

Create a platform for coherent communication

People that are not working in the same space as their co-workers, managers and employers are going to be cut off naturally, and if you make them feel out of the loop, it will only frustrate them.Itis why coherent communication is pivotal if you want to inspire remote employees and get them to do the work you ask of them.

To do this, you should set up a way for your remote employees to talk with their line managers, or even with you, with ease. It could be via a chat app, such as Google Hangouts, or even through video call technology, like Skype. Be careful how you speak to remote employees, though. Without being able to speak to them in person, even if you were to video call them, they will find it hard to distinguish exactly what it is you mean by what you say. So, always seek to adopt a neutral, un-condescending tone.

Be sure to recognisegood work

It can be hard to provide feedback on every piece of work when there’s nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, it is easy, and necessary, to provide feedback on work that doesn’t meet the required standard. For these reasons, recognising and rewarding work that stands out is vital. By doing so, you will make your employees feel as if the work they are doing is okay, and that’ll only inspire them to carry on working in that vein.

Try to rub your business’s culture off on them

Your business might be as cultured as they come, but your remote employees are going to find it hard to buy into if they’re not there with you. How can you expect someone to embrace the culture of your office when all they do is hear you rave on about it?

To rub your business’s culture off on them, you should consider setting them up with an ideal place for them to do their work. At, you will find information on the workspace phenomenon known as coworking, and by offering your remote employees the chance to work in such an environment, you would help them to get a greater feel for your business. Even without being in your office, they’ll feel like they’re there, and thus they’ll be far more inspired to work for you during their working hours. 

When it comes to staffing, more and more businesses are turning to remote employment — and for a good reason, too. Doing so cuts down on office overheads. It offers businesses different working perspectives based on location. It allows for overnight work to be completed due to all the different time zones. It even means more work can be completed, due to the cutting down or out altogether of travelling time.

When you do turn to remote employment, just remember all of the advice above.



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