As an experienced job seeker you have to demonstrate how what you do contributes to the top/bottom line of the company – either directly or indirectly.

To increase your chances of landing the interview and then a job offer, make sure you can demonstrate how you’ve:

Made Or Saved Money

If you work in sales, tell them how you’ve increased revenue – give them examples of deals you’ve closed or new customers you’ve acquired. If you’ve done something to increase margins, optimized resource utilization or saved costs – tell them.

Streamlined/Improved Processes

Have you improved the forecasting process? Automated process of signing up new clients? If you’ve made your prior organizations more effective, make sure you have these examples ready before an interview.

Influenced Other People

Do people want to work with you/for you? If you’re easy to work with, can work effectively with other departments and people want to work for you, this will increase your chances of getting the job.  Make sure you have STAR examples prepared of how you’ve influenced others or managed successful teams.

Contributed To Culture

If you’ve come up with some new initiatives, created a mentoring program and so on, prepare some examples.

Mitigated Risk

Especially in more senior roles, if you’ve had the foresight to prevent something bad happening to the company, employers will be impressed with such ability.

Make sure you have examples demonstrating these skills ready and your chances of getting that job will skyrocket!

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