In an interview, you should make the first 6 minutes and 25 seconds count, as this is the amount of time you have to make a good impression and get your dream job, as reported by Daily Mail. After working diligently to come up with an excellent resume, you landed an interview. As the saying goes, you get only one chance to make an excellent first impression, and you should utilise it well. You will be asked job-specific questions, your past experiences, and why you are a better fit than your competitors. To ensure that you are called back, engage general interview practices, and most importantly, showcase specific examples of why you are most qualified for the dental assistant job.

Show your organizational skills and drive for team spirit

A dental assistant must be very efficient and organized, according to the General Dental Council (GDC). They need to ensure that correct tools are in the right place and are easily accessible for proper treatment. As such, reassure your potential employer that you can keep things arranged systematically. If you have recommendations for the same from former employers, present it to the interviewer. Don’t forget to inform the panel that you are also good at managing patient files, and discuss how you were able to do it successfully in your previous job. As a dental assistant, remember that you will be working as part of a very crucial team with colleagues who are continually helping the doctor and one another. Therefore, show that you have a desirable team spirit by proving that you are positive, cooperative, and friendly. If, for example, you worked in a team to spread awareness about important medical programs like Medicaid, which helps qualified citizens to meet medical bills, explain how working together brought success.

Discuss your knowledge and certifications

Dental assistants must be conversant with tools, dental procedures, and terminologies. Besides, they should understand the ethical code and laws that govern this career. In this line, take time to demonstrate your prowess in these areas, especially if you already gained some experience in the field. Though it is not a must to have graduated from a formal dental assistant school or to have prior experience, this combination will give you an advantage over other applicants. Also, confirm that you are registered with GDC and produce proof of additional certifications if any. Otherwise, express your willingness to learn; some dentists may be persuaded to hire applicants who simply show a genuine passion for learning, as noted by Mander Portman Woodward.

At your dental assistant interview, you should expect job-specific questions. You will be asked about your ability to work with co-workers, patients, and supervisors for a common goal. If you are applying for the first time, use your experience in school, which is often characterised by teamwork. As you present your case, don’t forget to reveal your compassionate side by assuring the interviewer that patient care and satisfaction will be your top priority as a dental assistant.



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