Getting yourself noticed in the world of employment is famously very difficult, due in part due the massive amounts of competition surrounding each and every available role. Even jobs which you might consider yourself overqualified for could see you having no luck with them as there are always several people in the same situation. This situation has been only exacerbated by the recent conditions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, where businesses have been forced to be more conservative with their approach to hiring new staff, meaning job opportunities are few and far between. With all of these factors working against you, the odds can seem impossible, and you might feel a sense of apathy setting in about the whole situation, but there’s no need to despair – for there are still ways of putting yourself above the others.

While these techniques don’t guarantee you a shot at a job over anyone else, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have every possible advantage at your disposal. This is especially true during current, pandemic-affected times, but it’s also advice that you could carry with you for when things return to more normal circumstances. Additionally, while, especially given the circumstances, you might be looking for any job at all that could help you pay the bills, you might also be on the lookout for something that could function as a foothold that will get you into your ideal career. If that’s the case, then you might have even more incentive to make an impression on your prospective employers, showing them why they should pick you over the rest.

Make Sure You Have the Basics in Order

Before you can go about ensuring that you’re doing all of the extra steps right, first of all it’s good to know that you’ve got the basic steps down first to make sure you’re approaching all the roles you apply for with a foolproof strategy. First of all, it’s important that you do all you can to not only look over your CV to ensure its accuracy and functionality but also to ensure that it stands out. There are several ways to go about this, with one of the simplest just being to visually enhance it in order to give it a clean but professional style that will clearly convey the kind of employee you could be. This is a chance for you to put your best qualities forward and advertise your strengths in a way that makes you appealing as a candidate for hiring.

Something simple you could do once you’ve mastered the basics is to see if, when applying for a position, the job description contains a contact number for the person who will be overseeing your potential employment. If so, you could try and get in touchto simply ask for more information about the job. Not only will this give you a more detailed and personal account of what the job will entail, including details you might have been curious about prior to this, but it could also help you leave an impression on their mind.

Additionally, if you’ve moved somewhere where the primary language is different from where you’ve moved from, and you’re struggling with employment, you might find that you’ve got some financial documents from your last job that your potential new employers might need. If this is the case, then you might want to look into enlisting some financial translation services, so you can provide your new employers with what they need and not have to worry about the process.

Remember That It’s a Numbers Game

One of the most important things to remember when trying to bag yourself a job is the importance of numbers. While one thorough and expertly crafted application is certainly good, it does nothing for your chances against a sea of expertly crafted applications to the same role. However, submitting thorough applications to a great many positions, once a day for every day you’re looking for employment, can mean that the number of jobs you’ve applied for can increase dramatically, quite quickly.

Having this kind of backlog and momentum can do great things for your productivity. First of all, it can increase your sense of progress and motivation and therefore allow you to continue this streak. Secondly, it means that when you receive the inevitable, occasional email from unsuccessful applications, it will deter you less since you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that you have several other applications in the post, so to speak. Lastly, statistically speaking, it’s more likely that you’ll land yourself with some success if you increase the output of your applications.



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