There are several posts in many professional network sites that seek sales executives and other talents that can fill certain roles. In sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, many people seeking jobs may find themselves in interviews regarding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) job posts where there’s a huge demand for this service today. Learn more about SaaS on this site here.

Proven talent in sales is always sought for. According to sites like LinkedIn, even before the pandemic started, a lot of employers are looking for software and sales talents, and this hasn’t changed much even today. The reason for this may be because employees can work more effectively in the comforts of their homes.

The function of SaaS remains a vital aspect of any company. In fact, the coronavirus has just intensified the sales of so many companies today. Consumer spending has been known to increase from last year to this year. The B2B businesses in many countries have reported increased spending, and management consultants in firms found that organizations are growing their sales spending today more than last year.

Why Have SaaS Sales?

Software as a service is still a popular business today. Lots of customers are preferring digital products that can make their work or shopping online easier. They can have fun on mobile apps, games, and social media.

However, securing the A-players in this field is a tough job. With so many talent pools out there, you can utilize the help of a SaaS recruiter to narrow down your search. If you are ready to explore options, don’t make these mistakes.

1st Mistake

Hiring Someone New to SaaS

You need to ask your recruiters if they have plenty of experience in technology and the terminology in this industry. They need to understand product offerings and listings, and they should be able to portray your mission to the talents accurately.

Some of the things that you need to know when you want to find your next recruiter are the following:

  • Know their tech clients and past references
  • Make them tell you about what they do in their own words
  • Ask them for tips on how to be a successful SaaS seller
  • Check their track records

2nd Mistake

No Processes in Place

You need to know how exactly the recruiter will find the employee. Interview the headhunter and make them write a step-by-step plan on how they will go about finding the best employee out there.

Ask the following questions

  • When can you show me a list of candidates?
  • How do you do your interviews? (in video calls, walk-ins, etc.)
  • Where and when do you plan to promote my job vacancy?
  • How did the entire process of interviewing change after the COVID pandemic?

3rd Mistake

Empty Array of Tools

In addition to a written process in place, you need a recruiter with tools to know how the candidates will qualify. Some may use scorecards for standardization of the interview process. This makes a more objective approach when making decisions to hire.

Other headhunters will use numerical systems to be a more concrete way of assessing the applicants. You can read more about jobs of headhunters here: Some will only have one aspect to focus on.

You should know the following for your recruiters:

  • Attracting passive candidates for the SaaS job
  • Know their pitches in luring an A-lister to switch to your company

If they can’t provide you with pitches and answers, then it may be time to select another firm.

Getting to Know the Right Partner

You may probably think that it’s expensive to get an agency. However, it will be worse when you get the wrong hire. You invest the time to interview an applicant, get them trained and discover that they are not quite what you expect. They quit after some time, and you realized that you have to undergo the entire hiring and interview process again.

Fortunately, some agencies will help you get the top talents that you need. They will ensure that they can represent you well and give you the best people who can efficiently do the job. They have criteria in hiring, and they know how to spot the right ones for the job. You can learn more about them when you call one and tell them your needs.



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