When you apply for a job, you might think that the people interviewing you for that job will decide whether you’re the right person for the job based on two things. These are the job application you sent to them to register your interest in the job and the job interview they invited you to attend because they liked the look of your application. In some jobs, they may even ask you to complete a small task to help them decide whether you’re right for the job. In reality, many companies are now looking for even more information on a potential candidate before they make their final decision. That’s why an increasing number of interview panels are searching the name of any potential candidate to find out more about them before offering a job. To make sure they only find things that will persuade them to hire you, here are some of the ways you can create an internet presence that will impress any interview panel.

Create a website that shows off your skills

One of the best ways to impress any interview panel is to create your own website. This is somewhere you can display those skills that you simply can’t display either in an interview environment or on a simple CV or application form. For example, if the role requires you to be able to create videos or podcasts, a website would be a great way to display previous videos and podcasts that you’ve created. Whilst it might sound like a daunting task creating your own website, it’s a very simple process if you get a little help. You’ll be thinking that you want to find a web design company that is based near me so you can get help at any time when required; click here to find out more. That’s why it’s important to employ experts in the same area as you, or you could find the different time zones make it very difficult to communicate with each other and could considerably slow down any progress you want to make to your website.

Separate your work life from your social life

As well as uploading things that will impress any potential new boss, it’s also important to hide anything that will make you look less professional. Many of us will probably have embarrassing photos on our social media websites of occasions where we may have had too much to drink and been a bit silly at best and completely irresponsible at worst. Make sure any interview panel can’t find these by changing the privacy settings on your social media accounts. Select the option where only friends of yours can see all of these images and posts.

Choose your posts carefully

If there are social media accounts, like your Twitter page, that you choose to keep public, make sure you Tweet wisely from them in the days and weeks leading up to any interview.

Try and tweet more posts about the industry you’re looking to enter. You could even retweet some of the brand that you’re applying to join’s tweets to show you’ve been doing your research and know a lot about the aims of your potential new employers.



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