From deciding what you’re going to wear to what you want to eat for lunch to what to-do items you’re going to prioritize at home or work, your daily life is full of decision making. Although most decisions are pretty minor and won’t be life-changing in any sense, having to make decisions so frequently can lead to a state of mental exhaustion known as decision fatigue. This effect can impact your mental health and ability to make sound decisions.

Finding a new job can be a lengthy and stressful task. When searching for a new job, there are endless decisions to be made and decision fatigue can quickly creep up on you. It’s important to implement a strategic job search process in order to avoid becoming mentally exhausted.

There are a number of strategies you can implement to help you avoid or combat decision fatigue in your job search. The tools will help you preserve mental energy and make the best decisions. Review the visual below from JobHero to learn how to enhance your job search and reduce mental strain.



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