It is not uncommon to pursue a career because of its salary. People have been switching to tech careers for the high wages they generally garner. Coronavirus has sent a significant portion of the workforce to work remotely. The ability to work from home might be another factor driving ambitious folks to switch to tech careers. Remote work and high salaries are a desirable reason to pursue tech jobs. Will both of these benefits be available when the coronavirus epidemic comes to an end? 

Tech jobs are often stereotyped to include genius-level college dropouts living in California drinking Red Bull at 3 AM. This is an image of fantasy. Most tech workers operate the same way as people in other fields, but they work with programming languages most of the time. Tech workers come to the field for various reasons and reach their positions through diverse avenues. 

Coronavirus is forcing companies to move more business online. If you can only perform a service in person (like plumbing), you still schedule them through technology rather than a human answering a phone. That’s why choosing an online webinar platform is important.

Tech jobs are here to stay; current tech workers and those wishing to join tech companies are hoping salaries remain stable. 

Future of Remote Work

Tech companies aren’t the only companies who are promoting remote work; REI, the outdoor apparel company, recently decided workers won’t be returning to their brand new campus. This campus had climbing walls, fire pits, and other sustainable activities that made it seem more like a summer camp than a corporate office. 

Remote work doesn’t always mean at home. Back end developers have used remote work as an excuse to relocate to sparsely populated areas in nature or trek across the country using their mobile hotspot to keep in touch with the office. Remote workers seem to be as reliable as employees reporting to work each day.

Remote Learning Is Possible Too

Humans are increasingly communicating online. Not just for work but also for dates, weddings, and first-grade classes. The limits of what is possible online are shrinking with each passing day. This allows students who don’t live in tech hubs to access coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps offer a rapid introduction to computer sciences and enable you to learn skills that you want to learn. 

Tech workers aren’t only writing and editing code. There are outlets for creative and analytical minds alike. A critical thinker might find data science rewarding and attend a top data science bootcamp to gain those skills. A creative mind could apply their keen eye to web design.

Entry-Level Salaries

Those who enter tech jobs won’t exclusively be applying to tech companies. Non-profits, universities, and car dealerships also require tech workers to keep business flowing. Computer science salaries depend on where you live, the industry, and your position. Even entry-level workers still earn higher than average wages for the market where they live. 

Tech jobs offer multiple ways to increase the seniority and scope of your work. As you build your skills in your first job, you are preparing yourself for climbing the pay scale. Job security is also a perk when you are a capable coder. More companies are using technology to put different spins on existing industries. As they pop up, they will need skilled individuals to actualize their company’s vision. You can get a certificate from Springboard in six to nine months, fulfilling entry-level positions requirements.

Deciding Where To Live

Remote work creates many options job-seekers didn’t have before coronavirus. The binary decisions of wanting to work for X company necessitating the move close to their headquarters aren’t entirely gone, but the situation is more fluid. You no longer have to live in a populated area to get a respectable job; the barrier has almost vanished. You can move to the bayou or the Yukon without having to switch your employer. 

There probably won’t be 100 percent flexibility in the locations you can live in. Companies have to rework benefits packages to accommodate different insurance providers in different areas. Tax situations might not be as straightforward either. These headaches aren’t impossible to solve but might be worth considering before relocating or working remotely. These changes will have an effect on wages.


Yoda said it best: “Difficult to see the future is.” Remote work and the future of tech salaries will have intertwined fates, but it’s unclear how companies will approach the challenges. There will be rewards and risks when accepting remote work, but it seems to be en vogue for the moment. 




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