This year has been an interesting one, to say the least. From working from home and trying out a staycation, to spending more time on video chats than you thought possible – we’ve all had to make some adjustments. All this extra time at home has led to the population getting creative with their time, but what activities have proven to be the most popular


The online printing company, instantprint, who specialise in signage conducted a survey with 1000 people who have been working from home since the start of the pandemic. Thanks to some clever maths they figured out that, on average, a person could spend an hour a day commuting. So the company wanted to know what people were doing all this extra time. Reading came up as one of the top answer, with 26% of correspondents making the time to sit down with a good book. Maybe they wanted to recreate their commute reading at home?

Netflix Binges

26% of those surveyed said they were using the time to watch Netflix more. Interestingly enough, just 3% of people admitted they had wasted time with the extra hour. Hey, in our eyes, a Netflix binge is definitely a worthy use of someone’s time. Those latest series aren’t going to watch themselves.

Get Work Done

Some from the survey have used the extra time incredibly productively. 51% of people said they were getting more work done than they would have done at the office. In fact, a lot of companies are discussing how to make changes in order to make working from home permanent as the set-up can work so well. It offers employees much more flexibility with their schedule, and it’s clear from the results of this survey that people really value the extra time.


It turns out there’s only so much takeout you can get in a lockdown. 20% of people said they were using the time to get more creative in the kitchen, with baking desserts such as peach crisp a popular choice. With the way this year has gone, not to mention how early it get dark now, it’s fair enough if you’re craving some comfort food. If you’re in search of some hearty, but healthy, recipes, look no further than right here.

Working Out

Health has been a concern for many during the lockdown, but only 18% of people said they were making time for workouts at home. Even when you’ve got extra time, it can be hard to find the balance between work and health. One of the best things for staying motivated is finding a schedule.

From discovering a new novel to trying out novel ways of cooking in the kitchen – people have well and truly tried to make the most of this year. How have you been spending your extra time during lockdown?







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