Yoga helps you stop searching and start being what you inherently are and always were. When you remember your interconnectivity/union with the primordial, the right career, partner, events, opportunities naturally and inevitablymerge with you.

Yoga is often confused with it being a physical practice with asanas and numerous bodily postures – but it is primarilya spiritual essence – the union with God, Source, the Universe, etc.

Yoga is not a system, belief, idea, religion, or superficial practice to “become someone.” In other words, yoga means to unite mind, body, spirit, psyche, and energy bodies to bring harmony to your temporary human experience – as well as expand, go beyond, and liberate yourself from the dense, three-dimensional sphere.

Yoga helps raise the human body frequency to higher consciousness and connect higher consciousness to the eternal.

So, how do you live a yogic life?

  • Live by your heart-filled principles and virtues.
  • Let everything you do, think, feel, and speak, be fruitful.
  • As well as empowering – do not offer heave to dis-empowering thoughts and actions.
  • Quit complaining, whining, gossip – this lowers your internal Qi (chi/life force).
  • Be present and patient with everything and everyone.
  • Remain kind and aware even when in turmoil.

And now you may be wondering, how does yoga really help find the right career option for you? Well, when you live in absolute harmony with your internal compass/Source, it:

  • Inspires you to do what makes you tick in life.

So, usually, when you feel small and inferior, everything you seek to pursue will be overridden by fear. And when overridden by fear, you never get to do what you want.

Yoga helps you live more by what feels right in your heart, nurtures and empowers you. Yoga motivates you to be the best you can be daily, whether big or small steps. And doing what makes you tick in life not only lets you know that that could be a career option for you, but it builds your self-confidence as well.

  • Helps you connect to a friendly universe and your passions.

When you become aware, conscious, and present of your choices, actions, thoughts, emotions, etc., you become responsible. When you become responsible, you quit trying to fight the world, your boss, partner, parents, etc. And when the universe appears friendly, your mind and body return to peace, and you can then think and act with clarity towards your passions.

  • Instills mindfulness.

When mindful, everything that does not serve you eradicates from your field. And that which remains is because you choose it to – not out of mere circumstance or chance. Meaning that all that you do, focus on, exists, and is present in your current sphere/reality, is part of what you would want to pursue as a career.

It could be working in gardens, picking fruits, cooking, painting, writing, etc.

Yoga reminds you to unite with what you are via any human expression that makes you feel alive. If you like doing it, do it as much as possible – and become it until it becomes you.



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