Has your business recently decided it’s time to grow and hire more staff? Growing the business is always an exciting time, as it typically points to success, which is what any business owner strives for. However, there are the logistics of growing your staff that also need to be considered. You might decide to hire a virtual medical receptionist, for example, which can help save money and eliminate the need for this particular role within your company. But having someone who is constantly dedicated to this one job could lead to increased demand for your services, which means you may then need additional staff to be able to meet this demand. If you’re planning to bring additional staff into your current space, accommodations will need to be made to ensure everyone can be comfortable, efficient, and productive.

Here’s a look at some tips and advice you’ll want to consider to accommodate additional staff in your existing office space.

Reconfigure the Layout

Before you even think about buying or leasing additional office furniture, it’s important to re-envision the space. There’s a good chance that you may need to reconfigure the layout in order to create more useable and functional space. That could also mean grouping departments together, creating more or less meeting space, creating private office space and more.

Choose Furniture that Fits the Space

Now it’s time to invest in new office furniture that needs to fit the space that you have available. Thanks to the layout you have created, you’ll have some very specific measurements that you can work with, making it much easier for you to find what you need. Keep in mind it may be necessary to downsize the current furniture to create more space or even repurpose the pieces you have. Moreover, in order to find the right furniture to suit your office doing some research on websites like Office Monster can help you to compare your options.

Ensure Everyone is Wired

Then there is the fact you’ll need more telephones and computers. That could require more wiring and cables to be run throughout the space. If that’s the case, these cables selection from Expertelectrical can prove to be essential, as you can get everything in one central location. Expert Electrical products can be ordered online, which makes life easier.

And it’s not just the cables – it’s also a wide variety of accessories that you can shop online for, all of which can make getting the additional space setup a breeze. Find such things as alarm telephone cables, circuit protection, data cables, and plenty more.

Create Multi-Functional Space

Another tip is to focus on space that is multi-functional. For example, the days where a boardroom was created simply for a meeting that occurred twice a year isn’t common anymore. Instead, it’s about creating space that can serve a number of different uses and purposes. That could even mean that it can be reconfigured in a quick and easy manner whenever needed, such as retractable walls, stackable furniture, and even booths.

In this same vein, you can also look into multi-functional furniture pieces that can serve a number of different purposes in one. It’s all about getting creative with the space you have.

Creating a Productive and Comfortable Space is Essential

So, while much of your focus will be on hiring additional staff, you also need to be mindful of the logistics. Making sure the space is ready and able to accommodate these additional bodies will be essential.



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