The Recruitment industry is rising fast, with the current market worth over £30 billion and is still growing. This has resulted in the up rise of opportunities for those considering a successful career in the industry. Recruiting consultants aim to help find employers and connect them with job seekers. Different recruitment agencies will specialize in connecting different job industries such as IT, Banking.

The job requires great skill, and therefore to be successful requires high drive. It is not an easy path.

What will help you? You do not necessarily need a degree targeted at a recruiting career. Other skills are highly sort after. See if any of these fall into you skill set:

Sales experience is highly valuable, and applicable to any sales background you may come from. This may be telephone sales, person to person etc. These skills can all be utilized.

Customer service is also valuable. It provides a good platform to build on in terms of developing new compatible skills.

Related Degree: If you want to get a kick-start into the industry and aim to be a specialist, a degree is worth looking into. Although don’t let it put you off if you don’t – full training is provided so the path to a specialist is still available if this is your motivation.

Check out the PDF produced by Ascendant Recruitment to get more insight into the possibilities.



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