The UK is suffering from a shortage of engineers. Employers are clamoring to find people with the right skills and experience for their companies. But that doesn’t mean that getting your first job in engineering will be easy. Companies aren’t willing to take on just anybody. They want to find the best people possible to fill much-needed roles and proving that you’re the right person for the job can be tricky. But with these simple steps you can be sure to stand out from the crowd and land your first job in engineering.

Do your research

You’re not going to stand out to your potential boss if your application is identical to the dozens of others they receive every day. A surefire way to ensure that yours stands out is to tailor it to each employer. Make sure that you know who you’re applying for and that you show that in your application. What the history of the company? What are their core values? And how can you fit into that while bringing your unique skills to the table?  Show them that you’re not just a great engineer. Show them that you’re exactly the kind of person they need on their staff.

Be ambitious

It might feel like you’re starting at the bottom but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim high. Find companies that you genuinely want to work for. One’s that you can see yourself being a fantastic and integral part of. It can be intimidating but don’t be afraid to go after those dream positions, as long as you can make it clear on your application that you deserve their consideration. Remember: fortune favours the bold!

Gain some experience

This might be the single most important thing an employer is looking for in a candidate. The most well-written application in the world won’t help if you can show real, tangible engineering skills and experience. Most university courses offer placement years and work experience. While an engineering management masters can provide the kinds of training and experience employers are aching to see. You really can never have too much experience!

Have a long term goal

Employers aren’t interested in hiring people who are going to lose interest after six months. They want motivated, engaged employees who want to dedicate their time to their passion. Being able to show an employer that you have an idea of what you want to achieve sets you out as that kind of person.  Especially if you can show them how that goal links into the job that you’re applying for.

Don’t give up!

Job hunting can be tough. Sometimes it can feel like a bit of an uphill climb. But the key to finding that first job is perseverance. Did you miss out on an opportunity? Treat it as a learning experience. Request feedback from the employer and use the experience to make your next application even stronger!



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