Nursing is a tough job. It takes an enormous amount of energy and patience. But it also takes a great deal of training and education just to get started. A caring disposition is just the beginning. From there, you need to build up great stamina and the confidence to tackle any health care issues that a patient may need help with.

Your job as a nurse is to ensure the health and well-being of every patient you encounter. Most importantly, you are there to ensure they retain their dignity and comfort while in your care. Ultimately, a patient needs to feel safe and cared for. That’s a tall order for anyone. So how can you make sure your skills, knowledge, and abilities as a nurse are good enough. And how can you drive your career forward ongoing?

As an RN you have already studied hard and passed your exams. You have probably had to undertake continuing development. May even additional specialist training depending on your area of expertise? Boosting your career often involves further education, and nursing is no exception.

As a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you can begin to excel in your role. You can take on additional responsibilities, and become a candidate for more prestigious jobs. If you are already an RN, you can take an online RNBSN program to complete your qualification quickly and easily. Some nurses take this route from the beginning of their careers. It doesn’t matter which route you choose, but sometimes it’s easier to qualify then extend while you’re on the job.

Any job interview can make you feel nervous and out of your depth. It’s important to take some coaching advice to help you prepare. You might choose to give a powerpoint presentation to help you articulate your ideas. Perhaps you have a portfolio of work or evidence folder that will support your application. Going the extra mile often impresses interviewers, and it will help to make you the more memorable candidate.

As well as extra training and a great interview, you still need to be personally ready for a next level job. Nursing is all about the people you care for. Can you be fast and efficient yet still build trust and confidence with your patient? Ultimately, this is more about personality, but you can learn the skills needed to be more personable without coming across as too chatty. Shadow colleagues you admire and note how they tackle different situations.

As you progress up the nursing career level, you will become responsible for more patients as well as members of staff. Managing people is never easy, but training in this area can be hugely beneficial. You need to figure out which member of your team is best for each task and why. You might need to manage disputes and tackle difficult situations. Most importantly, your team will look to you as a mentor. You’re the person that can help boost their careers.

It doesn’t matter which area of nursing you are interested in most. When you’re looking to give your career a boost, make sure the skills common to all areas are in place. Where do you want to go?



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