Travelling from home to office for work is rapidly getting outdated. Newer technologies are being introduced which greatly favour working from home and travelling looks like an impractical option. In today’s hectic lifestyle, travelling a distance of few kilometers daily can put a huge strain on employees.It is also one of the reasons why employee turnover takes place and can cause serious damage to the companies that face it rather frequently.

There is no denying the fact that employees move on to greener pastures where they are offered flexible work hours and work from home options. It is a major expenditure for companies as they have to not only recruit to replace the valued staff member but also train them which can take anywhere from six months to one year before the new recruit can adjust himself/herself to the new work environment.

Companies cannot handle this kind of wastage of money, time, and resources. Hence offering a work from home option can bring in a lot of advantages to the company as well as the employee. For one the company has already provided one plus point that is flexible work hour, which can retain several valuable employees. However, the companies might be concerned about lack of visibility and risk of time theft in such arrangements.There are a number of amazing software which can help employers keep a track on their remote team.

To know more about it you can refer to the detailed infographic by McGowan Transcriptions. It will give you a great insight to how many people prefer working from home, all the great advantages that providing flexible work hours can bring to the company as well as employees. It also talks about some of the top software that companies can use to implement work from home options successfully.

The Virtual Workspace: How Tech Has Changed Our Working Lives



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