The number of applicants applying for one job position can be over-whelming for many employers. It is no surprise therefore that more and more employers and HR managers are turning to automated CV screening software, also known by some as robotic recruiters. According to a totaljobs survey, conducted this month across 400 UK jobseekers, 53% had taken part in an automated telephone interview.

So what are the benefits of this new AI recruiter? Well for one thing an automated CV screening software is less time costly, freeing the time of HR managers to utilise their time looking for new candidates. The machine learning algorithms in a robotic recruiter also ensure that less mistakes, and better hiring decisions are made.

It is important for jobseekers therefore to make their CV more relevant than ever, in order to fight the machine and ensure their CV is selected for the next stage.

So how to win against the robots and get an interview? According to BBC contributor, Pádraig Belton, in order to impress the AI recruiters, you should follow these top tips.

  1. Using a fancy and elaborated font style, will ensure your CV stands out right? Wrong. Pádraig says to opt for a conservative sans serif font, like Verdana, Arial, Calibri or Tahoma.
  2. Do not format your CV with tables, as they can be confusing for the bot’s optical character recognition.
  3. Optimise your CV! Ensure your CV features all suitable keywords relating to the job. Pádraig suggests even going as far as to pasting the job description into a program like Wordle, to find out which keywords appear most frequently.
  4. Have a look at the company you are applying for and match your top titles with theirs.
  5. If later on you find yourself being asked to record a video interview, pick a blank background, and spend a bit of time thinking about lighting. Two light sources in front, one behind works well.



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