“Winter is coming,” as seemingly every character in Game of Thrones likes to tell each other.

In the swords and sexing epic telly show, people love weird ecological discussions in between beheadings. It’s part of why the show is so appealing to so many people – because we all know our own winter is coming to an eco-system near you.

Large sums of the population in China wear hygiene masks out of necessity. The Hollywood sign can barely be seen through the city’s suffocating sputter of pollution. And the UK is preparing for a right-royal fracking that could make the world of Game of Thrones look like a daisy-covered wonderland.

This eco-crisis is, on the plus side, turning the job market into a haven for green-minded workers.

Employment opportunities are rising in the eco-sector. Even mainstays of employment have been altered to incorporate the green way of living.

With that in mind, what employment opportunities are available to you?

Are friends electric?

You probably don’t consider how much electricity you’re using when you boil your kettle or turn on your telly – but some people are deeply worried about it, and it’s a concern that electricians are cashing in on.

By training for a simple green deal scheme, the savvy electrician will learn how to do everything from installing solar panels to optimising electrical outlets.

Whether you’re an old hand electrician or a young whippersnapper looking for new skills, acquiring some eco-knowledge will help future-proof your job – and increase the value of your work.

The windy way

There are 5,958 wind turbines in the UK alone – and that’s a number looking set to rise in the next decade.

These new wind farms require fresh injections of skill to fight off the big boys of gas and fracking. They’re not just for tree-hugging hippies, either. On offer are positions as project managers, labourers, press officers and much more.

By entering a position in sustainable energy, you’re stepping into the cutting edge of technology and helping make the air a little cleaner.

The go-to green guy

Your workplace might be spouting smoke like a Victorian chimneystack, or maybe it has a non-existent recycling policy. If so, It’s time to become an indispensable eco-friendly employee.

Outline your plan for a greener workplace to your employer and install yourself as the person to make those changes. Read up on recycling policies, energy efficiency schemes and other ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

If your boss really raves about the idea, up the ante with league tables celebrating the most eco-friendly employees in your workplace.

By making yourself an eco-tsar of sorts, you’ll be able to help your company’s carbon output and secure your place as a manager in your company. After all, making yourself useful is at the core of gaining a promotion in your workplace.



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