Businesses thrive on talent. The more smart and motivated individuals that you’re able to attract to your business, the more competitive you’re sure to be in your chosen market. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to source talent with the many talent sourcing tools available nowadays. Furthermore, as you invest in the people that your business relies upon, you’ll grow as a firm – slowly opening new offices in new locations across the world. And with new geographies and a diverse workforce comes more nuanced perspectives and a better, happier firm. This article is about how to find that new talent – in four simple and easy steps.

Go to a Recruiter

One of the easiest ways to mainline talent into your firm is also one of the most expensive. When you sign up with a recruitment firm, you do so on the understanding that the people that they send to work for you will cost you dearly to hire. That’s how recruiters make money – linking talent to those seeking talent. Your tip here is a simple one: use recruiters when you desperately and quickly need new people in your firm. They do a stellar job of finding the best matches for your company, and in extra-quick time. So, for instance, if you needed to hire a chef quickly, you could go to a hospitality recruitment agency and they would provide you with one as soon as possible. But if you have time on your hands, consider some of the options listed below

Going International

If you have offices only based in one building, in one city, then you’re likely to have a very local-feeling business. And maybe that’s how you’ll stay, serving provincial customers throughout your business lifecycle. More ambitious firms, though, should always look to the overseas talent market to find cheaper and more talented labor than they’re able to find at home. For instance, by using a Bangkok based recruitment agency you can find incredibly developed skills for your firm – and for a far lower wage than you might pay in the US. Opening an office in a location like Bangkok can bring prestige and savings to your firm – helping you outcompete your industry rivals.

Keeping it Diverse

One of the ways in which the world has been changing for the better this year has been with regards to diversity and inclusion. More and more firms are taking a long hard look at themselves, and admitting that the proportion of white men in their companies is not representative of society or of their customers. The simultaneous realization is that most businesses can actually profit from being more diverse – they’ll have more different perspectives in their team meetings, and your firm will have more ideas to pass around, develop, and nurture into winning business concepts. Hire in a diverse manner – putting out calls for applicants from marginalized groups – to pull in the best and most excitingly diverse talent out there.

Social Media

Finally, you shouldn’t overlook the world of social media when you’re trying to secure new workers for your firm. Your company ought to have a Twitter account – tweet out to your followers about job vacancies, or a general call for talent. You’ll have a Facebook account too – share all of your job opportunities with your followers there. The same can be said for everything from Instagram to TikTok and Snapchat – the more you share your calls for talent on social media, the more those shares will be shared, creating a ripple effect across your contacts. Use LinkedIn, too – the professional social network – to help you discern which workers you might like to poach from other companies. Be up-front with the people that you scout from LinkedIn, offering them a pay rise and a better package of benefits if they leave their post to come to your firm.

All four of these tips will help you to find promising and exciting new talent from across the world and from across all demographics in the future.



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