Looking for a new job can be an incredibly frustrating and sometimes terrifying experience, particularly as the thought of having to approach new people and talk about ourselves can seem completely overwhelming. It is exactly this sentiment which can put some jobseekers off contacting recruiters to help them with their job search. However spending the time building a relationship with a relevant recruiter could be the key to finding a job you love.

To help you overcome the initial hesitation when it comes to approaching a recruitment agency, we have put together four tips which will help to get your job search off to a successful start.

  1. Do your research

It is important to build relationships with recruiters who specialise in finding candidates within your industry. As experts in your field they will be able to offer you relevant advice which will help you to make the most of your job searching experience and allow you to utilise your time in the most useful way possible.

  1. Have a specific role in mind

Ensure that when first contacting a recruiter about a particular vacancy you explicitly state why your experience makes you a good fit for that role. Remember, recruiters are not career consultants; they work on behalf of the employer not the candidate. They can advise you on available roles and progression opportunities within the industry, but they cannot tell you which career path you should follow with your education and experience.

  1. Be honest about your experience

Recruiters can only provide the best help when they are in possession of all the facts. If you are realistic about your experience then a recruiter can help match you to a role that will work with you to grow your career. Be honest, if you have gaps or issues within your employment history, a good recruiter will show you how to present these in the most positive light to a potential employer.

  1. Communicate in a professional manner

It is vital that you demonstrate professionalism from your very first communication with a recruitment agency. When pitching a candidate to an employer, recruiters are almost always asked about the way in which you communicate, your attitude and your ethics. To ensure you are always giving the best impression, make certain that you are polite, enthusiastic and professional whenever you are speaking with someone within the recruitment agency.

     5.  Build relationships that last

If you approach the relationship correctly, working with a recruiter can enrich your job seeking experience and give you more insight into your industry. Ensure that you approach a recruitment agency as you would any networking contact; don’t demand too much of them and keep all communication professional.

Once you have found a position, don’t forget the recruiter that helped to get you there, make sure you connect with them on LinkedIn and keep in touch in order to build on the relationship you have already created. You never know, once your recruiter has placed you and can see the evidence that you are a great candidate, they may just help you with your next career move.

Author Bio: Ashleigh Harman writes for Portfolio Payroll a recruitment agency that has over twenty years of experience in placing experienced payroll professionals.



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