The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on people’s health, professional industries, and national economies around the world. While the majority of countries are taking steps to function with the virus, there’s no getting away from the unprecedented circumstances that many people have had to experience. 

A lot of workers have been forced to adapt to working from home. Since March, millions of people have been attending meetings virtually and completing their daily tasks from makeshift home offices. Although the transition to a remote workforce has been successful for many companies, others have failed to make it work. 

Certain industries and businesses simply could not operate during the lockdown. Thousands of jobs just can’t be done from home. This has forced companies around the world to let go of staff. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed throughout the pandemic. 

Fortunately, most industries have now opened back up. What’s more, the pandemic has caused several markets to thrive. If you know where to look, there are plenty of work opportunities still available out there.

If you’ve lost your job because of or during COVID and are looking for new opportunities, here are four industries that are still hiring during the pandemic. 

Logistics and deliveries

With people spending a lot more time indoors and online, online shopping saw a real increase throughout lockdown. Between regular grocery shopping and retail therapy, there has been a general increase in the demand for delivery drivers. 

Whether you want to drive locally, nationally, or internationally, there are job opportunities available. Ensure that you are familiar with using a tachograph and that you have all necessary licenses to qualify you for the position. 


The construction sector is playing catch-up, having missed out on weeks of progress on various projects. Within the construction industry, there are many different roles, from a basic labourer to a project manager. 

Whatever your area of expertise is, or if you fancy a complete change-up in your career, consider a role in the construction business. Ensure that you have adequate insurance cover and that you complete the necessary safety and training courses before taking on any work.

Remote freelancing work

One positive that we can take from the pandemic is the emergence of remote work opportunities. While many people have been working as freelancers for decades, a lot of workers didn’t realise that there were amazing remote opportunities out there. 

Research online jobs boards and consider taking on some remote work. There are positions available in a huge amount of industries. Ensure that you have a suitable remote workspace with video communication technology before applying for such roles. 

Online tutoring

Another growing trend throughout the pandemic has been online tutoring. Whether your area of expertise is in music, English, another language, or some form of academics, people are looking for virtual methods of learning. 

Find out if you need any additional qualifications and search for opportunities to tutor online. Even if it’s a part-time job, this can be a great way to add a second revenue stream




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