Flutter has been on the market for about five years now, but it is already an industry-leading mobile app development platform in the cross-platform space. It is the new solution from Google for creating Android, iOS, and web apps to reduce Google’s dependence on native apps. Flutter app developer salary has become a hot topic in the industry, as many people try to have a “bite” off this outstanding new platform. Let’s see the Flutter developer salary rates across the world and see where is the best deal is for your next project.

But first…

What is Flutter?

Talking about the average salary of Flutter developer is all good and so, but we need to mention what Flutter is. Flutter is Google’s excitement-building, a money-saving mobile UI framework for creating high-quality native experiences on iOS and Android. No matter what you’re creating, Flutter can help you do it quickly by allowing you to develop in a single codebase with native performance. Flutter is used by thousands of developers worldwide and has been widely praised for its fast development tools and ease of use.

Benefits line a single code base, reduced time-to-market speeds, and hot reload are features that could significantly help the creation of new projects. 

What affects Flutter developer jobs salary?

There are plenty of things that would help with estimating the Flutter dart developer salary. Let’s see which they are.


The salary of a Flutter developer is directly affected by their experience. The more senior a coder, the higher their average annual income. It is reasonable to assume that entry-level coders might make slightly less than more seasoned code writers who have knowledge of various tech stacks and system architectures.


Programmers who know multiple languages can expect to earn more, but it’s not just about how many languages Flutter developers know or even how well they know each language. It’s also about how well they can apply the different skills to different contexts. This is because employers value employees who can bring new perspectives and skills to their company and help them adapt to new developments.

Location of talent

Flutter developers’ salaries vary depending on their location, but they generally earn much more than most would expect, especially those in the United States. Those who live in or have relocated to Western countries might be surprised by just how high these costs are. However, as we have mentioned before, much of this disparity comes from other factors rather than cost-of-living differences.

Flutter developer salary range

Now, we have reached the most “juicy” phase, where we will discuss the salaries of Flutter developers. Let’s start.

Flutter app developer salary entry level

We know what to expect, and we see it clearly. Developers in the US are the ones who earn the most. Juniors start at around $70,000. In Western Europe, the situation is similar in Norway and Switzerland, while Belgian and Dutch programmers can cost you around $50,000. UK developers are at around $42,000 to $45,000, which is nice, but when we see how things are in Eastern Europe, you’ll love that place. For around $40,000, you can get access to Polish and Czech developers, while the services of Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Ukrainian developers will cost you around $35,000. Asian developers charge around $15,000 in India and Vietnam, around $35-40K in Japan, $30-35K in China, and $25-30K in the Philippines.

Mid-level Flutter developers

This is where you can expect all prices to jump by around $10,000-$20,000 annually. This will see you pay around $90,000 for US mid-level devs and around $60-65K for Western European developers. Again, Eastern Europeans hit the sweet spot at around $45K, while Asian developers can cost you down to $25K. Still, you might expect some quality issues.

Senior Flutter coders

Seniors are a different breed. US developers might cost you around $100-$120K, Western European $80-120K, and again, you can expect Eastern European developers to give the best value for money at around $70K per year. Asian developers can go down to $50K, with some quality concerns, though.


A Flutter app developer salary depends on many factors. However, it is critical to find the right programmers for your needs; otherwise, no money can compensate for that.



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