You might have spent days and nights thinking about the most efficient approach to put forth and ace your job search. Well, job seekers round the globe have been boggling their heads over the same. Right from the most smartly designed and curated resume, to undergoing a thorough pre-interview research, there’s so much you want to look forward to.

However, securing the most desirable job offer highly depends on crafting methodologies that make you stand apart from the rat race. There probably are a zillion people who are working on the same hacks without even changing their operational framework by a modicum. And the ones using innovative and unusual job tactics are actually in the deep lying shades of minority.

What the global employers look forward to, are candidates with out of the box ideas. It’s the ‘Guerilla Job Hunting Tactics’ that’re in demand across the world. Hence, the section to follow will talk about the same and suggest a few ways to add that tinge of experimentation to your job-hunt campaign. Give it a good glance and arm yourself for success.

Tweet, But Not The Way You Used To

There’s a  lot that needs to be changed with the time passing by. Right from the kind of content you upload on social networking websites, to using off-beat tricks that might just turn the tide in your favor. Twitter is one such thing to experiment with.

You start with researching about a small yet specific range of targeted employers. These are people you desire to work with. Start with finding their accounts and following them. Obviously, they’ll be notified regarding the same and that’s when you’ll gain their attention (maybe for a split second).

What you can do is entice them with a crisp yet informative personal profile, advertising your skills. If possible, include a link to a YouTube video on some presentation or content you uploaded. Recommending a new idea to upscale their portfolio might prove to be a worthwhile attempt too!

Sending Out Cold Calls and Showing Some Wits in Your Cover Letter

Cold calling or the method of uninvited job hunting is a method that has long been used, but still exists as a mere hit and trail scheme among the employment seeking lot. However, when you come in cognizance with the fact that majority of the job market is closed and there’s a dire need to dig prospects, this method crops up with high significance.

The process is quite elaborate with sourcing all the companies working within the field of your interest and mapping the hiring managers who have the power to appoint new candidates.

However, the first communication to be sent on your behalf, the cover letter, might just do the drill over here. If you are a person with quick wits and have a shade of humor to your personality, then giving a subtle hint regarding the same might just prove fruitful in this case. Again, it’s just an experiment, but nevertheless, might make your approach highly enticing!

Make Yourself The Right Fit For ‘The Culture’

Yes, it’s true that employers hire for the required skills-set and qualifications in most of the cases. However, of late, it has come to light that culture in an organization has also come up as a major constraint to consider.

Plus, a multitude of hiring managers strongly feel that incorporating cultural fit into the whole recruitment process is actually good for business. Hence, it’ll be a good experiment to making yourself suitable to get acclimatized with the working culture in the targeted company.  There are a number of online tools you can find to know more in the same regard (for every global corporation). Use these and make yourself more efficiently armed than the competition.

The bottom line is, a bit of sleuthing is all that can make a huge difference. Just give it a go, who knows, you might land in the next great gig!

Author Bio:

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.



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