Most offices appear to be quite safe places to work, but there can be several risks that you might not realise exist until somebody gets into an accident. Wherever your workplace is located, accidents can happen at any time and should one occur, it’s important to ensure that there’s at least one person in the office who is able to offer help. Whatever your company does, it’s legally required that you ensure your employees are able to receive immediate attention should they be hurt or injured while at work. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider offering first aid training to as many employees as possible.

It Can Be Life-Saving

Bear in mind that first aid training does not just cover workplace-related accidents. It can also be very useful to have somebody who trained in first aid should anybody in the office experience a life-threatening health condition such as a heart attack or a stroke. This can happen at any time, and having somebody who is trained in CPR and knows the best next steps to take to ensure that the affected colleague is treated as soon as possible could quite literally save their life. First aid training provides your staff with the confidence needed to react quickly and assertively to any accident, injury or illness in the office.

More Positive, Caring Work Environment

Providing first aid training to employees allows you as an employer to show your workforce that you are serious about making sure that they have a safe environment in which to work. And, offering first aid training in the workplace can also be a great way to bring staff members together who may not otherwise communicate with each other on a daily basis. This can be an excellent team-building exercise and can help to boost relationships between employees and boost overall morale, which leads to a more positive work environment where employee safety and wellbeing comes first. For all of these reasons, certainly consider organising first aid training to look into getting this very beneficial skill as part of your working environment.

Reduce Risks and Workplace Accidents

First aid training does not only provide employees with the skills needed to respond to an accident, but also helps them learn to be more safety-conscious at work. A typical first aid in the workplace training course will not only cover the appropriate responses to various incidents and illnesses that might happen in the workplace, but also educate colleagues on common risks and safety hazards to look out for. The more employees you have that are trained in first aid, the more people you will have in your workplace looking out for anything that could be a potential hazard, which ultimately reduces the risk of workplace accidents.

Ensure First Aid Kits Are Used Correctly

You might have a first aid kit available in your workplace, but does everybody know exactly how to use everything that is in it? Just as importantly, do you have employees who know how to properly maintain the first aid kit and ensure that it is stocked with everything that is needed? First aiders in the workplace are not only tasked with responding to emergency situations, but they should also be responsible for looking after the first aid kit, making sure that it is properly stocked, and replacing any items in it that are out of date.

Enjoy a Safer Work Environment

Offering first aid training as part of basic employee training is one of the best ways to ensure that you are providing a safe work environment to all. When employees are trained in first aid, this improves their ability to not only look out for common hazards, but also look out for one another. If an accident, injury, or illness occurs in the workplace, employees will be able to respond quickly and potentially prevent any further harm to the victim.

Improve Employee Confidence

Nobody likes to deal with an emergency situation at work, but employees who are first-aid trained will have more confidence to deal with these instances compared to those who are not. First aid training does not only give employees the ability to provide the appropriate urgent care for anybody who is in an emergency situation, but also provides them with the skills that they need to calmly and assertively deal with any emergency situation both inside and outside of the workplace without becoming panicked or overwhelmed.

Courses are Readily Available

Training your employees in first aid is easier than ever with a wide range of courses available to choose from. You can explore such courses to receive your qualification if you’re looking to become a paediatric first aider (or any other healthcare professional). Alternatively, you can even send your employees to an outside location to access training or have a first aid trainer come to the office or workplace location to provide the training. Since first aid at work qualifications expire after three years, keeping everybody up to speed is also essential, with refresher courses available for qualified first aiders looking to requalify before the time is up. Skills Training Group offer this type of training for first-aiders. Skills Training Group offers classroom training designed to enable first aiders in your workplace to renew their qualification and continue legally working as a first aider for your company for another three years.

Improve Employee Skills

Finally, offering first aid training in the workplace not only enables colleagues to improve their skills in emergency situations at work, but also outside of their place of employment. Good first aid skills can come in handy anywhere, and employees will be able to enjoy and use their skills for life, especially if you continue to offer them refresher courses when needed. Employees who are trained in first aid at work can find uses for these skills anywhere, whether they find themselves, a relative, a friend or even a stranger in an emergency situation outside of work.

Legally, every business should provide at least one employee with first aid training. Having employees who are equipped with the necessary skills to deal with any emergency situation in the workplace is crucial to improving workplace safety and reducing the risk of accidents. And, offering employee first aid training can be an excellent team-building exercise that provides your staff with skills that they can use for life anywhere



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