Whenever we are traveling abroad, we need to obtain a visa as a legal prerequisite to enter, stay and moving around in the foreign country. Generally, people visit foreign countries to avail better education, career and investment opportunity or to spend a holiday with their family and friends. Having considered such a great interest of people commuting abroad, nearly every country has established a legislative system to issue travel permits for everyone seeking to visit their country. The system has the authority to accept or reject any candidate, in case he fails to submit mentioned documents along with the form. Obtaining this travel permit is a prerequisite to commute across the borders of your territory. Applicants have to act carefully to fulfill this requirement. The process starts with submitting the application form after filling it right along with all the required documents. Candidates have to be very careful, while writing down their information, as even a single mistake is inevitable.

Here I am sharing a few Do’s and Don’ts to consider that will help you to avoid mistakes easily while submitting your application form.

The Dos

Always ask total processing time with the Immigration Office to avoid any inconveniences. Every country has its own duration to complete the documentation process. Usually visit visa is quickly processed as compared to business and work visas. In order to avoid unpleasant delays, it is suggested to file an application at least three months earlier.

Write out sensibly to avoid mistakes and make sure that application form doesn’t carry any wrong information. Be very careful while providing personal information. Don’t exaggerate and don’t mention things that don’t actually exist. Provide detail bio data, address and contact details to improve the credibility of your application. Incomplete or hazy information will get your application rejected, as authorities check and verify everything you wrote in the form.

Check cautiously to provide complete documentation required. Whether you are submitting online or you are personally visiting the embassy to submit your application, it is essentially important to double check the documents required to submit with the application form. Generally attested copies are submitted with the form. Moreover, also check photo requirements, how many you need to submit with the form. Don’t print casual photos for this purpose. Ideally, the picture clearly reveals your facial features. Avoid wearing caps, scarves and hats while taking photos for such legal documentations. Furthermore, sign all the documents with your standard signature.

The Don’ts

Don’t hide or misinterpret any kind of information, truthfully mention everything, including the reason to visit any country. Don’t feel any embarrassment if you have an intention to avail career opportunity there. As all the information you provide will be verified, and once it proves wrong, you will be permanently banned to visit.

Don’t attach wrong documents in case you are applying for work permit and thinking to add a list of certifications that you actually never pursued will let you face legal actions. So simply avoid adding such documents.

Avoid being late, as it will delay the process, especially if you are visiting the Immigration Office for document verification. If there is some genuine reason making you late, don’t hesitate to call and inform them.

Summary: Whether you are submitting application in a European country or you are going for visa processing, considering these do’s and Don’ts will facilitate you to complete the process efficiently.

Author bio

Jenessa Baxter is a Digital Marketer for Ultimate HR Solutions in Dubai. She writes about HR recruitment tips, leadership, HR Management and in particular UAE.



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