IT labour market continues to be the most prosperous as it enriches our lives with innovations and at the same time provides people with high salary. Nevertheless, the technology develops faster than people catch knowledge. Consequently, it is being predicted that by 2020 European labour market will face the shortage in men`s workforce in the IT sphere. The market will lack approximately 800,000 skilled IT specialists, creating meanwhile 120,000 new jobs a year.

Considering the fact that academic Information Technology education is not popular in Europe, especially Western one, it gives a great opportunity for specialists from Developing countries to grab an opportunity to work in European IT market. Global big data technology and services are going to grow from $3 billion 2010 to $16 billion in 2016 offering new vacancies and more working places. Whereas the usual workforce is expected to experience traditional 4,1% pay base increase, the technology worker will have 5,3% salary growth. So, this is a great opportunity for outsource to go into the game.

What is worth mentioning here is that outsourcing marketing is changing its vectors. Now they have higher requirements regarding quality, communication skills, technical background, experience and knowledge certification.

Which spheres are predicted to be much-needed in IT labour? There are many trends in Europe, which offer great job opportunities. The main are cloud computing, big data, mobile and social application. The following list of 8 jobs in-demand is introduced for your consideration.

  1. Wireless Network Engineer

This position is seemed to be always highly sought, as more and more companies are becoming depended on wireless Internet connection. As a result, they need technical support on a regular basis. No wonder, that in 2016 this occupation is expected to receive a salary increase. So far it is raised in 4,8% comparing to 2012.

  1. Mobile and social applications developers

The abundance of smartphones, tablets, wearables and Internet of things created a pool of vacant job positions. Demand for mobile application developers is especially high nowadays and is driven by cloud computing, as consumers would better use them on their mobile devices. Every day new ideas appear requiring new application development. Considering all above mentioned, developers will stay in demand for longstanding period.

  1. Bid Data Engineer and Data Scientist

These are considered to be highly paid and good skills demanding jobs, as more industries start relay on data. Moreover, with the appearance of cloud storage, the data management is of great importance. Data engineers compile, transform and aggregate data into the databases. Data scientists gather and analyze big volumes of data and make business recommendations to save company’s money.

  1. Application Architect

Application Architect is the lead manager in developing particular software. This position requires an ability to track the work of an application starting with its functioning to its marketability. Application architect is not the one who develop, but the one who research the product and provides its usability.

  1. Data Warehouse Manager

Data Warehouse Manager is one of those jobs, that have a high salary. In average, Data Warehouse Manager earns $123,285 per year (January 2016). This position is responsible for developing and implementing information management strategies, coordinating solutions. Experts in this field manage data sourcing, migration, quality, design, and implementation.

  1. User Interface Developer

This position is not as highly paid as the previous one. But it is really widespread and will continue to be in-demand in nearly future. The reason for it is that UI developers build interfaces that connect users of an application to its back-end processes and data. As every day we can observe new appearance of new applications, new interfaces should be developed.

All is all, the IT labor market continues to grow, changing our style of our life and its perception. IT is the way to ease our daily routine and, what is more, important to gain prosperous job with decent salary.


Alexandra Riabtsun works as Marketing Manager for Glorium Technologies, IT solutions company. She’s been engaged with the IT world for more than three years and is eager to share experience and knowledge gained.







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