Everybody with an interest in pursuing a medical career has one thing in common: they want to help people. However, as you’re probably well aware, there is no single and fixed career path in the world of medicine. There’s an abundance of specific paths in specific industries that you could take depending on your interests, and you might feel a little overwhelmed by it all.

If you’re close to graduating or you’ve recently graduated and realised that you don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse like many of your coursemates, depending on what the medical course that you’re studying entails, then it’s probably time for you to rethink your options. You’ll probably need additional education in a specific field, but your future career depends on you discovering what that field may be today. Here are some alternative ideas for careers in medicine which might help put an end to your seemingly ceaseless job hunt.


Perhaps you’ve always been a researcher. Maybe what fascinates you about medicine is the possibility of discovering new treatments that could improve the health of thousands or millions of people. You might appreciate the work you could do as a doctor, but you’d rather be behind the scenes and conducting research and development to help those doctors rather than becoming one yourself. A career in consulting might be perfect for you. Pharmaceutical companies rely on the opinions of doctors to help them create new treatments, and your advice could be invaluable to help develop the best new drugs on the market.

Cosmetic surgery

When it comes to careers in surgery, simply being a “surgeon” is a broad and vague term. Much like all areas of medicine, there are very specific and specialised careers within this line of work. One of the more intriguing areas that might take your fancy is cosmetic surgery. If you’re wondering where to begin then you could consider options such as Oris Training to help you with a course in aesthetic training. Of course, like so many other careers in medicine, the world of cosmetic surgery is diverse; there are many options for you, and you’ll never find yourself stuck in a rut.

The point is that not all plastic surgery involves enhancement by choice. If you still want a career which makes an impact and changes lives then you could be involved with lines of cosmetic surgery that help victims with deformities or even life-threatening facial and bodily injuries that need urgent cosmetic help. It all depends on the line of work which suits your goals and aspirations in the medical industry, but there’s no “one” kind of cosmetic surgeon.

Physician coaches

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who wants to start a solo business and help patients directly. Becoming a physician coach who helps people over the phone or sits them down for a consultation and a chat could be the career choice for you. You could be paid directly rather than working through an organisation; you also have the freedom to decide the kind of career you offer. You could offer physical or mental help, depending on your expertise.



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