The question that university students often get asked the most is: what are you going to do when you leave? Which is kind of annoying because it’s hard enough to succeed and survive and university these days, without thinking too far ahead into the future. But I guess it is good to have some idea of what you want to do when you have finally finished your degree because it keeps you focused on working hard. So if you are thinking about what career path to take when you hit the real world, then keep reading for some creative career suggestions that just might appeal.


OK, so you don’t actually have to wait until uni is over to have a go at this one as demonstrated by this blog! But it can be pretty different when you are hoping that your blog will bring in enough money for your to survive on, as your sole income.

That means it’s a great idea to start before your graduate, so you have plenty of practice at honing your craft. It also allows you some time to build up a readership, which can take a while.

Something that you should consider, as well is finding something that you love to talk about. But that is also accessible from a promotional perspective.

For example, beauty and makeup are seriously fun for a lot of folks. But they are also a big industry, meaning there will be lots of opportunities for product placement and promotion. Just be sure to put your own unique spin on things, to differentiate yourself from all the other bloggers out there.


Now if you love to write, but blogging isn’t really your thing, then you can put your creative skills to use in plenty of other ways as well. For instance, you can get a job writing bid reports and tenders for companies, or even turn your hand to technical manuals, if you love detail oriented work.

Or, if you are hoping to be a little more creative in telling compelling stories, how about a career as an author? Yes, it’s a harshly competitive field. But there are still folks that make it, and they tend to be smart about how they manage the business side of their careers, as well as being just good writers

In particular, the successful ones are those that find a good fit between the literary agents they apply to and their work. Which you can do by using a site like Agent Hunter. This will allow you to find those that are that is familiar with the in and outs of your specific genre. Which can increase the likelihood of getting published greatly.


Now, most parents groan when you announce proudly that you are going to become an artist! I guess it’s because they worry that there is little money in it, and you will end up living in a gritty flat eating ramen noodles for the rest of your life!
But not all focused art careers are like this! You could try graphic design where you use your artistic and visual skills to convey a message to your audience. Or how about illustration where you use your skills to give life to the folk’s ideas?



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