When it comes to finding a new job, you could take advantage of the hundreds of classifieds sites online to submit your CV for various vacancies. You could even use the more traditional method of visiting local businesses and popping your application through the letterbox. However, as the digital age continues to grow, and more and more businesses are using the internet to find new candidates, it’s vital you take advantage of digital practises to show off your experience. Here are a few ways you can do exactly that.

Use the Email Finder

It’s not always easy to find the right contacts when it comes to submitting your CV, but with the email finder at your disposal, that is now a simpler process. You can get a list of all the emails a specific business uses so you can contact the most important people directly. Of course, you should be careful adopting this method, as not all employers are going to want random emails from people they don’t know. However, it’s an effective way to build a list just to send your CV off if a job you’re interested in becomes available in the future. If you decide to adopt this method, click here to find an email finding service.

LinkedIn Is the Place to Go

LinkedIn is a slightly different prospect in terms of a social media platform, purely because it caters to the needs of professionals. Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself an account and start contacting businesses related to the industry you want a career in. Employers are always on the lookout for new candidates on LinkedIn, so it could well be the place to begin your job search. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professional users and has more than 467 million account holders.

Other Popular Social Media Platforms

Although the likes of Facebook and Twitter are more personal social platforms, many professionals are now taking advantage of them for marketing and employment purposes. Some of the biggest businesses around the world advertise open job positions on their pages, so it’s always worth a look at if you want regular updates open vacancies.

Start Networking with the Help of Forum Communities

Forums may contain pointless posts and threads from time to time, but there are many professional outlets that professionals use to attract new candidates. Forums help you build relationships with employers local to you, and it could be the difference in securing your dream job. Look at this list of the top job forums in the world.

If you’re taking your search for a top career seriously, you should consider the above methods to help you get in touch with employers directly. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for the traditional methods we used 20 years ago, but the above ways will almost certainly give you a better chance to find the job of your dreams.



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