There’s a common myth that you have to work a job to fully appreciate what that particular role in that particular industry will entail. This is patently nonsense, and discourages people from looking into how a job might make them feel, what it might demand from them, and ultimately if it’s the right choice for them. If you’re entering the job market or looking to switch between sectors, there’s plenty of information out there to inform your decisions. Here’s a quick run-through of the most common starting sectors you might have your eye on.


There’s plenty of misinformation flying around about jobs in retail that’d put anyone off applying for a role in this sector. Jobs in a supermarket may not exactly be glamorous, but you’ll be sure to get a reliable wage, and often an enjoyable blend of customer interaction, stock replenishment, and other odds and ends that take place in large retail companies. Upward mobility in these roles is particularly fluid: if you fancy a go at being a manager, this might be the place for you!


This is one for the social butterflies and chatterboxes out there, or for quieter souls looking to push their social boundaries in challenging, fast-paced yet richly rewarding environments. Ranging from theme parks to restaurants, these roles are customer-facing and require a sprinkling of real personality to warm customers’ hearts. Find a job in London in the hospitality sector and get ready for big smiles and bigger tips – and lots of fun and jokes with new, like-minded friends!


Picture yourself laying bricks on a cold, drizzly November afternoon, and you’re far off what a role in the construction industry has to offer. Yes, you’ll be responsible for using your hands, labouring, and essentially creating useful things, but this can range from building high-speed rail networks to arranging delicate garden rockeries. With benefits ranging from travelling the world to making great friends, this is a fantastic option for those seeking a role that’ll get the blood pumping.

Social Work

An increasing number of young people are taking up positions in social work – and loving it! Another wildly varying sector, and perhaps the most rewarding in terms of heart-warming moments, you’ll be responsible for young children, or disabled young adults, or elderly people – all of whom have lots of fascinating stories and joy to share with you. It’s a vocation that demands patience and wisdom but gives back in spades; if you feel you’ve got a heart of gold, or are driven to make a difference in people’s lives, then this may well be the area of work for you.

It’s a struggle, narrowing down exactly what type of jobs you’ll apply for. Too many people send out a blizzard of CVs and accept any old position regardless of their passions, qualifications or personalities. This brief overview of four common vocational sectors should hopefully serve to spur some thoughtful debate inside you as to where you will one day end up loving to work!



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