If you are reading this article, then my assumption is that you are a proactive job seeker. That you need a job and not just sit at home doing online jobs, for example, writing essays for other people and in the process get paid. I’m also going to assume that you know all the interview basics by heart. I am assuming that for example you would not show up in an interview without interesting questions to ask,  fresh copies of your resume or without knowing what the company you are interviewing for does.  Would you?


Most interviewees even though making awesome candidates make basic mistakes during the interview. There are in fact five mistakes that keep popping up that I would like to address in this article.

Most of these awesome candidates show up for an interview late. It does not happen because the interviewees think it is alright to be late, no. It happens because the candidates do not take their time to plan out how everything will work out-  from sneaking out of the office to taking a lift in a large building. The cliche “traffic was bad” is never that good an excuse for a hiring manager who had planned their day around your time of arrival.


A good strategy while going for an interview is always to get to the interview 10 minutes before time so that you have time to calm down and go to the washroom if need be. This time can also be used to go over your strategy during the meeting. You can do all this by doing a reconnaissance visit to the place, and giving additional time to traffic hold ups, crowded parking lots, and in case your boss stops you on the way.

Another thing that most interviewees do is forgetting a copy of their resume. Bringing a copy of your resume shows that you are prepared for anything and freshens up the mind of the interviewer about how awesome you are in case they had forgotten. You should always bring extra- two to three so that the interviewer(s) can always see it throughout the conversation.

Some interviewees do not dress appropriately. By appropriate I do not mean suit and tie. Do a study of the company’s dress code. You might find that in some fields, people dress more casually. This proves that you are a culture fit just by what you are wearing. A friend of mine once went to interview for an Ad company and the moment he entered the room, he knew that the job was not his. He was dressed in suit and tie, but everyone in the room was casually dressed.

Some of the would be awesome employees also fail here: not researching the company. These days, getting information about a company has been made easy so showing up hardly knowing anything looks bad. You do not need to know about their financial year profits or losses but their mission and vision. This can be done by setting Google alerts, searching recent headlines to get the latest news on the company, talking to anyone you know who works there to give you a deeper understanding or even following the company on social media.

Lastly, interviewees need to stop going for interviews without questions. An interviewee should be able to pose questions on the company’s mission, culture, and position’s goals. You should at least arrive at an interview with ten smart questions for the interviewer.



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