The finance industry offers a wide variety of opportunities, training, and career enrichment and on top a better working environment. If you are a graduate, a degree in finance is just the beginning. The most important thing is to know which career path to follow thereafter.

The finance industry offers a variety of positions that are supposed to cater for all the interests and skills you may have. All you need to do is research and come up with the career that is in hand with your interests and skills.

Careers to consider

The following is a list of careers that are common in the financial industry that you might take into considerations.

  1. Corporate finance

You can find corporate job opportunities from start up companies, large and even in international organizations. In this industry, you will be required to find and manage the necessary capital required to a given business. You will be required to work by maximizing the organizations’ value and reducing all possible risks that might occur.

The functions that you will require to implement while in the corporate finance position include:

  • Preparing financial positions for the company
  • Setting financial strategy for the company
  • Predicting possible losses and profits
  • Working hand in hand with auditors form outside the company
  • Bargaining lines of credit
  1. Commercial banking

Commercial banks range from large entities to small corporations and local financial institutions that offer a wide range of services from financial advice, about different accounts and loans. Careers that you can get in this sector include but are not limited to:

  • Bank tellers
  • Loan officers
  • Marketing department
  • Bank branch managers
  • Operations manager


  1. Investment banking

If you choose this path, you will get an opportunity to interact with issuers of securities. Accordingly, you will be able to gain more information on bonds and trade stocks available in the secondary market. At this level, you will also be able to assist your corporation, individuals or even the government in raising financial capital to service their needs.

  1. Hedge fund Manager

While here, you have the responsibility of buying and selling assets in bulk and financial products. The responsibilities you will get serving in this post include:

  • Trader
  • Marketing manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Law compliance officer
  • Analyst where you will be doing all the quantitative analysis


  1. Private equity

This profession requires you to help to find capital to run current business operations as well as for future expansions. You may be required to work in a company that is struggling as an interim executive. At this point, your commitment, determination and success will eventually determine the fate of the company.

  1. Venture capital and financial planners

In this professional, you will require to work with small start-ups and fast growth companies. As a financial planner, you will assist people in developing plans for financial stability in the present and future. There is high demand for financial planners as more and more people seek for ways to manage their finances better.


Jenny Richards is a financial planner and analyst. Read her publications for more information on careers in finance and how to get a lawsuit loan.



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