Graduates who have done studies in finance programs can work in areas such as real estate, banking and investment sector. There are so many different job titles for people with finance degrees, however, the following are a few common titles associated with the finance profession.

Stock Broker

The stock market is one of the most common sources of investment for companies and individuals as well. Stockbrokers are the financial professionals that execute buying and selling orders from investors in the stock market at a fee or commission and they can advise on the best stocks to buy today. Stockbrokers advise investors on which stocks to buy based on what has the most potential. Stock prices often change within a matter of minutes and it takes good analytical skills to determine which commodity will improve in value and hence the best one to invest in.

Financial analyst

Equity analysts, securities analyst and financial analysts are the people who keep tabs on the progress of the economy. They analyze economical trends, company strategies and make financial projections. All this is summarized into a report that explains the analysis work in a way that other professionals can understand. They analyses can help you decide when to buy or sell investments and what kind of company strategies to develop. Financial analysts often work in auditing firms, finance companies and insurance companies

Financial manager

For any business to operate successfully, serious financial considerations have to be made on a daily basis. The financial manager is overall responsible for the financial health of any business or company. They work on a daily basis to ensure that the financial operations of the business function like clockwork. They are responsible for budgetary planning and handling tax matters. Financial managers work in all kinds of places such as multinational corporations, universities, general business, manufacturing companies and charities among other. They give financial advice and predict financial implications to financial decisions made by the organization such as conveyancing24-7.

Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisors help individuals plan their finances and make investments to improve their financial portfolio. Personal financial advisors often have their own private practices where individuals can go as clients to get financial advice. They help people with situations such as managing debts, improving savings, monthly budgeting and making investments. Personal financial advisors can help one make all the right decisions to financial success.

Chief financial officer

The chief financial officer title is often found in large corporation and multinational companies. The CFO is the professional that oversees the financial activities of the entire company. Other financial managers from different departments of the company report to the CFO who reports to the president of the chief executive officer of the company. Earning the position of a CFO takes a strong academic background, sterling work performance and a good deal of experience.

Financial service sales agent

Financial service sales agents are responsible for selling financial services to consumers. They sell services such as life insurance, investments, banking services and retirement benefit plans among others. The financial services sales agent has to explain to the customer in detail the role of the product and why it would be a good opportunity for them to buy.


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