If you’ve ever heard of an accountant that thought to himself, “I should have been a fireman,” you’re probably not the only one. And if you’ve ever wondered what on earth could have sparked the shift, you’re definitely not alone. There comes a time in everyone’s professional life when something has to change. Whether it’s an internal promotion or a complete pivot that takes you into a completely new arena, career changes are a deeply personal decision. Some people change careers with the goal of increasing their earnings, but most people make the switch purely for personal fulfillment.

As an Employer

If your business has experienced some personnel shifts and you’re interested in discovering ways to increase employee retention, it’s a good idea to take advantage of ServiceNow HR. When you invest in your employees, they will take notice. Some companies are concerned that their employees will use them as a stepping stone to get to where they really want to be. It’s this kind of thinking that can push some workers to switch careers, leaving you and your company in their rear view mirror. But offering development opportunities and advanced education are just some things you can do to show your employees that you want them to be the best they can be.

The Why

When employees feel fulfilled in their careers, the pull to change careers is virtually non-existent. Personal fulfillment is the number one reason people opt for a new career path. They’re looking for something that they’re not getting in their current line of work. They’re on a personal journey of discovery that’s rekindling old flames or looking for something that can help them create a legacy. Remember that as an employer, you too can stoke the flames of their interest and development. Your encouragement and support can be just as affirming of their current career path as some of what pulls people toward a career change.

In the End

Even if you do lose a great employee to another line of work, there’s no need to get down on yourself. Be happy they’ve found their true calling and push for your employees to live their dreams and do what makes them happiest. When people know that you are truly on their side and that you care about their well being and their goals, they are less likely to leave your business in a lurch. The lines of communication are more open and employees are more likely to share things with you. You become an advocate and share opportunities.

People are going to do the thing that is in their heart, but the heart can often be swayed. Career changes aren’t always about money and they’re not always about circumstances either. There are many reasons, but there’s no better feeling than going with your gut, following a hunch and stepping out on a limb with self-determination and new goals in mind. But when a business nurtures its employees and creates space for growth and advancement, those employees tend to put more heart and effort into your business willingly.




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