Earning more money in your current job might seem like a stretch to some out there. Maybe you’ve been in your job for a while, and you think there’s no way you’re getting a pay rise anytime soon. There are a few things you can do to start earning more money in your current job, without having to switch positions or even start up something on the side.

Ask For A Meeting With Your Boss
Asking for a meeting with your boss can be scary, but necessary if you would like to start earning more money in your current job. You need to let them know that you’re looking to get a pay-rise. They can then give you feedback to help you in the future. You need to have evidence to back up the fact that you’re an indispensable member of staff, so don’t walk in there and expect them to pay you more just because you’ve had the guts to ask.

Get To Work On Your Feedback
Your boss will have likely given you some feedback you can work on. Make sure you get to work right away implementing these things. Make sure the work you do is up to the highest quality, and that you’re making yourself an irreplaceable member of the team each day. You can then set up another meeting with your boss a few months down the line, and you might just get your pay rise.

If there really is no chance of you getting a pay rise in this role, it could be time to look for a new job. The infographic below can help:

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