Your resume is done, and your cover letter will have employers begging you to work for them. That’s how prepared you are for your next career move.

Or are you? Will your actions empress as much as your words? 

It’s not your CV that will eventually get you the job. It’s you. Your habits, body language and manner with people. If your business etiquette creates any doubt about your capability or character, you’ll never get the corner office you’re dreaming of. Not even your first salary.

One hand gesture can show whether you’re confident or not. Avoiding someone’s eyes while you speak shows disrespect and weakness.

Will you hire someone if you seem aloof or weak? Then why should anyone hire you? 

Does this sound harsh? That’s what it takes to survive in business today.

While you’re perfecting your CV and searching the job market, learn about the right body language too from this infographic by Swiss Canadian Capital. It can help you get the job you’ve always wanted.




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