In our increasingly globalized world, it’s essential that business people feel confident conducting international business around the world. While successful international business interactions are essential to business success, many feel intimidated when meeting with global clients and associates. Challenges like not understanding the area’s primary language and a lack of understanding of core customs and values can make doing business abroad especially difficult.

To avoid making a faux pas when conducting business abroad, make sure to prepare for your trip! Reading local news stories from the area you’ll be visiting and researching the area’s culture will help you feel more prepared to make a great impression. Those with a little extra time on their hands can even try to learn some of the area’s language before visiting. Taking the time to learn about the country where you’re doing business will help ensure that you make a great impression and ultimately close the deal!

Fundera created an infographic outlining international business etiquette. This guide is a great starting point for understanding what business culture looks like around the world. Read on to learn business etiquette around the world.

Business Etiquette Around the World



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